Sunday, 6 September 2009

19th August - My last Wednesday for a while

As it was to be our 26th wedding anniversary the following day, we took the Wednesday and Thursday off work and made our way North for a night out with our friends in Manchester.

We had originally planned to visit Teela’s but as I usual we were running late and instead went directly to M&S at Gemini Park where we had arranged to meet up with new girl Nikki (in drab) for a coffee.

As usual in these sort of situations neither party knew what each other looked like, however, we did manage to meet. Nikki is just at the point of going out for the first time and since our meeting has had a pleasurable time over at Teelas, some of the pictures I have seen are very good and despite her misgivings, she would fit in fine especially out with us for one of the Wednesday meals run by Kate.

On our way out of M&S I couldn’t resist the temptation and bought myself a new top in black and white – very clingy and a heavy material.

Booking in at the Travelodge, my wife disappeared to the café with a magazine whilst I got ready soon joined by Tina. Once more I changed my intended outfit and ended up wearing one of my favourite net style cream top over a spanx cami and a summery pink and white skirt. With summer quickly running out I took the opportunity to go with bare legs after having applied fake tan etc and finished if off with a pretty pair of bright multicoloured ballet flats.

This was the first outing wearing my new forms and I was very pleased with the look and feel of them. For later, I took a top (the new one purchased earlier in the day) and a short black stretch skirt and black heels.

Tina was ready before me and so proceeded into Manchester followed by my wife and I some 20 minutes later.

Parking up at the top of Canal Street, we made our way down to Eden’s where we met Tina. As my wife volunteered to drive back I was able to enjoy a bottle of cool white wine to start the evening sitting on the “boat” outside Eden’s people watching.

We saw a number of T girls before one of them came over and presented herself to us – Susan C from London. At the set time, we up anchored and made our way to Velvet where we met up with the rest of the party for our evening meal.

Once again the meal was very good and the company exemplary including as it did our own Irish “dancing queen” June.

Running quite late we snatched a few minutes at the Rembrandt where I took advantage of the changing facilities to change into my “clubbing “ gear!

Joining up with Kate and Mrs Kate we made our way to Napoleon’s and with Tina, Claire passed the time upstairs adjacent to the dance floor where we were later joined by Dianne. I actually recognised a couple of songs but failed miserably in getting my wife up on the dance floor.

All to soon our evening came to an end, fatigue, drink and the late hour all contributing. Walking back to the car in the cool evening air I was feeling somewhat sorry due to the knowledge that now I was working in Cambridge, these mid week meals out in Manchester were no longer practical.

Back at the car, we were the subject of unwanted attention from an Asian guy in what may have been a taxi. The guy drove round twice before stopping next to our car before we had opened the door and asked our names. My wife responded and he drove off out of the car park.

I understand from my wife that I managed to guide her out of the City before falling asleep for the rest of the trip, waking only as we came off the M6 at the services. With Emma stripped off and back in her suitcase, I crawled into bed sometime after 3am, the following day being our anniversary.

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