Tuesday, 27 October 2009

BNO 9th October 2009 - Pink Punters

I had been looking forward to the weekend and a new venue since the idea blossomed some months earlier, a night out with my wife, friends old and new at Pink Punters including an early evening meal at a Thai Restaurant in Milton Keynes.

Having taken a half day off work, I drove over to Bletchley late lunchtime, whilst my wife was driving down separately from Loughborough.

Finding the hotel was a breeze and soon I was booking in behind Saffy and friend.

The receptionist was very friendly and asked if I was there for the BNO and if it was my first time. In actual fact this was my 2nd visit to PPs, my first being almost a year earlier shortly after Emma started to spread her wings and was accompanied then by Alina and Belinda.

In the room, with plenty of time I decided that I would be able to join Gayna shopping in Milton Keynes before returning to meet up with my wife and get ready for the evening.

I chose my new black top from Debenhams with a denim skirt and chequer patterned opaque’s on my legs and my trusty black shoes with 4” heels. My make up was understated for daytime, browns and beige for the eyes and a nice pink lipstick matching my nails to finish the look.

Satisfied with my appearance, I made my way downstairs and past reception into the bar where I met up with Gayna. What I had not realised was that this was to be her first venture out in daytime shopping.

Gayna chose to drive and after a few false starts we managed to navigate our way into central Milton Keynes and parked. With only an hour to spend, we made our way into the mall and meandered in and out of the shops. Unfortunately, we managed to attract the attention of a somewhat disreputable gentlemen who was finally put off when we dived into a ladies shoe shop.

Not being put off, we continued our window shopping, chatting away and enjoying the feeling. Gayna was superb and lapped up the moment. Even being spotted by a group of teenage girls didn’t detract from the experience. Again, no alarm bells rang, everyone was out doing there own thing and we fitted in on a Saturday afternoon in Milton Keynes.

All too soon, it was time to make our way back to the hotel and get ready for the evening.

By now, my wife had arrived and after having a quick drink with Dianne who had also arrived, we went to our room to get ready. I chose my golden mini dress worn as a top over the new animal print skirt I purchased earlier in the week in Cambridge. Refreshing my make up, I darkened everything and chose a doublewear lipstick in raspberry to finish off the look with a slick of lip gloss.

We made the bar just in time for the first mini bus and were dropped off at the restaurant.

Entering, we were cordially greeted by a turbaned doorman resplendid in gold finery and we took the opportunity for some photographs upstairs on the balcony with a magnificent chandelier as a backdrop.

Sitting down in the lounge area whilst waiting for the rest of the party, we enjoyed a glass of chilled white wine taking in the surrounding opulence. After a short wait whilst getting to know some of the other girls (outside our immediate circle of Northern friends) the remaining girls arrived and we were shown into the main dining area having decided on a set menu.

I am not sure what the other diners thought as 16 of us made our way to our table, gold being a theme for the evening.

The food was very good though the quantity was perhaps on the low side – or is it that I am a pig! The company was great, a feeling of belonging being prevalent and of course being out and about dressed in a mainstream environment contributing to the sense of well being.

Toilets! – well, who couldn’t comment on the state of the toilets. Clean, spotless, huge and amazingly finished, the décor matching the overall top class decorations of the restaurant as a whole. My wife and I are already planning a return next month. – No not to the toilets!!!

At the end of the meal, the mini buses were there waiting for us and we returned to the Camponile prior to walking across to PPs. Transport to and from the restaurant was well planned and worked a treat.

Whilst waiting to go across, I took the opportunity to change into my dress for PPs, a short little number I picked up from New Look covered in black sequins and a dark gold jagged lightening flash down the front. Teamed up with my gold peep toed shoes and wearing my rabbit fur jacket, I re-joined my wife downstairs and made our way carefully across the road to PPs. Pretentious! Moi!!

Having paid the entrance fee and handing over our jackets, we climbed the stairs to the lounge area at the top of the building and sat down with our drinks. The place was busy with a lot of girls and once again we soaked up the atmosphere chatting having temporarily lost our friends.

Deciding on finding the others, we were on our way down to one of the dance floors when we bumped into Dianne and together we finally came across the rest of the “dancing queens!” on the dance floor strutting their stuff.

Finally after being out with my wife on a few previous occasions, we ended up dancing together – well dancing as far as I was concerned, the less charitable amongst us may beg to differ!

I guess at this time, I kicked off my shoes and danced in stocking feet braving everyone else’s heels! Taking advantage of not having to drive, I tucked in with gusto to the beer and wine and in no time I was somewhat the worse for wear born out by my inability to take any photos without them being blurred! – they seemed fine to me at the time – honest!

By 3am, my wife (for wife, read me!) was just about done in and we decided to retire to our room. Picking up our jackets we staggered across the car park – up the slope in 5” heels and 3/4” platforms – somewhat of a feat (scuse the pun!) given my state and then we had the bright idea of taking a short cut up a grassy embankment instead of walking around on the road. The brightest amongst you will straight away see the folly of this given the shoes we were both wearing, however several bottles of Budweiser had somewhat affected my thought process! And as a result I made it up the bank only to hold out my hand to my wife and then lose my footing and shoe/s in the process. Luckily I managed to avoid any injuries and damage to my clothes though the soles of my stockings ended up wet and muddy!

Back in the room, I then committed the cardinal sin and fell asleep still partially clothed and with my make up still on. My wife was not a happy bunny the following morning as I had to dash to the bathroom to finish changing!

Packing the next day, we both made our way to our cars for the quick sprint North – I was scheduled to play rugby that afternoon and I still had 75 miles to go when we left at noon, such are the anomalies of being a t-girl!

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  1. Sounds like fun, Emma.

    I'm sure your wife will overlook the "falling asleep with make-up on" bit. It can happen, when one has danced one's socks off. :-)

    The only reason I tried to avoid doing it was that the pillow cases were such a sod to wash next day!!