Friday, 18 December 2009

Wet and Windy in Cambridge

On Monday, I managed to get out for a meal and a few drinks with my friend Liz in Cambridge.

Running a tad late due to work, the weather (cold and wet) decided my outfit. I wore my new denim leggings tucked into my knee high boots and a black and white patterned tunic on top and my red ¾ length coat over the top to keep warm. I was very pleased with the overall look.

I have recently re-discovered Revlon colourstay foundation and found that now, over a water based Kryolen to neutralise any remnant beard shadow, the Revlon foundation looks very good and neutral. Certainly Liz was quite favourable about the look.

We started at the Pickerel Inn and made ourselves comfortable next to the fire whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Deciding to go to the Rice Bucket, we made our way back to the car but on the way walked past an English Restaurant – The St John’s Chop House. Looking in through the window, the place was busy and inviting so we decided to try there.

Luckily they had a table for two available and we sat down in the midst of throngs of Christmas revellers. The menu was very good and I chose the goose with bacon flavoured mashed potatoes and associated vegetables, Liz choosing a peppered steak with mash rather than hand cut chips.

The food and the service was very good and we enjoyed the warmth and atmosphere of the restaurant, so much so that when I am out again with my wife, this coming Wednesday, we are looking to eat there again. What was good was that there were no surreptitious glances, nudges etc – I felt totally accepted. The owner chatted to us as did the waitress and no one batted an eyelid.

Moving on, we decided not to venture too far due to the weather and so returned to the Pickerel Inn, which by now was very busy and standing room only. There was a good cross section of clientele there and age groups but throughout, did not feel uncomfortable at all as we chatted away sipping our drinks. On closing, we had the crack with the bar staff as they were tidying up, before we left for Liz’s and a nightcap. We sat up for an hour talking about a wide range of topics including the “friend” that had recently caused me so much trouble. Hopefully, this is now behind us as Liz is aware of my fears for her and myself by association.


  1. Hi Emma I've been reading your posts, but unable to comment something wrong my end.
    Sounds like you have had some good times out in Cambridge.
    Hopefully see you next year.
    Take care
    Karen xx

  2. Glad that everything is cleared up regarding the 'friend'. Happy New Year Emma, all the best for 2010 x x x By the way, love the boots x

  3. Hey Emma, me again. If you're wondering who that strange geezer is who friend requested you on facebook is, it's me. Still on my male profile till I go fulltime. Im Paul Jewkes and holding a pint in my profile pic. Love Emma x x x