Tuesday, 6 April 2010

BNO - March 2010

On Friday the 12th March, I joined my girlfriends Tina, Mandy and Justine at Pink Punters for the monthly BNO. Luckily I was able to share a room with Justine at the Premier Inn some 3 miles from PPs as the Camponile was fully booked.

Taking a half day off work I managed to finally find the hotel after missing it twice. Arriving late, I joined Justine in her room to get ready.

We had booked a table for 6pm at Les Igunados – a Mexican style Restaurant in the Hub (Milton Keynes) and so we dressed on the conservative side for our early evening foray into town. I chose to wear my new red top over my jeggings and a pair of mid height heels as I was driving.

I must admit that the meal was very good as we sat in the window watching the world go by. Apart from a few strange looks from the woman on the next table, we were accepted without an upturned eyebrow.

On the way back to the car we took a few photos in front of the fountain in the square and on arriving back at the hotel, decided to have a drink in the adjoining pub/restaurant. Sitting on a settee with the others, it seemed way too normal and so drinks finished we repaired to our rooms to get changed for the night.

Eventually after ruining three pairs of tights, I finally was ready wearing my short sequined black dress with a golden lightening down the front, black fishnets and 4” heels and my animal print jacket over the top fresh from it’s outing in Leeds the previous week.

We organised a taxi to the Camponile and arriving there mid evening, settled down for a drink or two. Unfortunately, Justine realised that she had misplaced her camera and worried that she had left it in the taxi. As it was, it was found on our return to the room much later.

As 11pm approached, we made our way across the road to PPs and soaked up the atmosphere with yet another drink. I was in catch up mode having been driving earlier but initially I just didn’t seem to spark and it took me resorting to Vodka Red Bulls to get me going just after midnight.

Once started you couldn’t keep me down as we socialised and then ended up dancing. Whilst dancing, I couldn’t help but notice a skirt worn by a girl next to – short flared black skirt with a skull and cross bones in white and intrigued to know where she got I from, I asked her.

Having introduced myself, I ended up dancing with her (the skirt had been purchased off E-Bay) and during the course of the conversation, it became apparent that she was more than interested in dancing having ascertained that she lived close to my hotel. Happily married, I chose to take a break from the dancing for a drink. I didn’t bother getting up again until the girl (a South African) started to leave and gave me a goodnight “kiss” . I was somewhat taken aback as were my girlfriends.

It was now past 3am and my feet (still recovering from the blisters I got out and about in Leeds and Manchester earlier in the month) were throbbing. Sitting down, the remaining hours passed quickly in front of an open fire out in the smoker’s area (not that I or my friends are smokers) and at just after 5pm we called for a taxi, arriving back at 5-30am. A quick chat with Justine as we got ready for bed and I was away as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sadly, this turned out to be Justine’s last night out for the foreseeable future as her wife on her return gave her an ultimatum. (her post in the Angels forum refers). I wish both Justine and her wife well and that they resolve these current differences amicably.

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