Sunday, 9 August 2009

Cambridge with Mary

Cambridge on Wednesday - well, where do I start.

I had arranged to meet up with Mary at 7pm originally at what I thought was a Bistro called CB1 just past the University. I did a quick recce the previous day for parking and had checked it out on google and the route from there to where the Diamonds meet.

Leaving work late I had to delay the meeting to 7-30. Getting ready I realised I had not packed my brushes, my purse and wipes and watch and most of my jewelry! Was ready by 7-28 walked out to the car past 3-4 businessmen on phones and having a ciggy etc and promptly just avoided some arseole running me over. Got in the car and realised I had left my phone behind and so retraced my steps in through what appeared now to be a crowd and picked up the phone and back to the car. It was bloody warm and I was perspiring.

On the road I received a phonecall from Mary telling me she was at the Bistro and sat just inside the door.

I arrived at my designated car park - a multi storey by the swimming pool and strode confidently in my 4" heels, denim skirt and orange top (just bra, knickers and 7 denier natural tights underneath) Here I was in the middle of Cambridge, walking up a main road with loads of students around. I arrived at the Bistro to find no Mary! Checking out the place I was then told it was closing and so I left and rang Mary who was still waiting for me!

It seems that she was waiting for me at CB2 - someway across town and so I trotted off back the way I had come, perspiring and somewhat nervous about finding the new place without any pre knowledge. A number of phone calls between Mary and myself established my directions and also that I may not be what I was presenting - you try speaking to someone on a mobile in the main street dressed in a skirt etc and maintaining the illusion! - no probs really just from a bunch of young Japs who I blew a kiss to!!

Finally, hot and sweaty I arrived at the CB2 which was full to the brim both inside and out and met Mary.
What a wonderful woman she is. We got on really well and had a few glasses of wine and a very tasty meal surrounded by "normal " couples and groups.

Rather than rush off to the meeting, we just chatted away and at 10, Mary and I walked back to my car and she showed me the way to the Bird in Hand - the venue for the Diamonds. She came in briefly to introduce me before leaving as it wasn't really her scene - I know why now and guess what- its not really my scene either.

I stayed for a few bottles of water out of courtesy but was somewhat disappointed to be bringing the evening to a premature halt. It is unfair to form an opinion just on the back of an hour or so, so I will visit again as I am sure the girls will be ok once I get to know them.

Just shows you how special Manchester is and what we have in Manchester.

I was hoping to continue to meet up with my friends in Manchester but logistics means it will probably only be occasional Fridays and Saturdays for Bevs monthly meals

I am hoping to try and get up to the Nottingham group which Emma attended last week but its getting quite near home and I am still faced with a hotel to get changed in etc

Friday the 30th October with Bea is definitely a goer! I am hoping to get over to Suzie's birthday party at PP on the 26th September after rugby as well

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  1. Glad to hear that you're getting out and about in cambridge Emma. Know what you mean about Manchester though. I've been to the Nottingham Chams and can probably compare it to teelas ( from what I've read on your blog) and Sheffield twice, which is an experience lol. Can reccomend the Notts Chams though. Lynn Jones has a blog which is on my Favourites list called YATGB and she is one of the organisers ( I think lol). She kept me company and is a really nice 'girl'.

    Love Emma x x x