Friday, 7 August 2009

Sparkle - The Finale

Having crawled into bed at turned 6am, I was obviously up and about bright eyed and bushy tailed by 10am! – NOT

Midday came and went and poking my eye out with the mascara brush, reminded me to be more careful where I stuck things!

Catching up with Di, we got ready and walked up to outside Taurus and joined June and Di for brunch. The weather was kind and quite muggy, I was wearing my grey denim distressed skirt and white top and my KGs on my feet, bare legs still.

Having finished our club sandwich, the four of us walked over to The Arndale Centre via Peacocks where I purchased 2 new tops. One was all gold glittery – guaranteed to give Kate a run for her money, the other on oversize red t-shirt with big holes down the side- big mistake (returned the following week when out in Leicester!)

June and Di went on their way leaving Jackie and me to wander the shopping precinct. We stopped and sat down in one of the squares eating an ice cream watching the world go by with not a care in the world – acceptance – what a great feeling. Shame the picture we took came out blurred – no excuse will have to do it again!

In and out of the shops we shopped, shopped and shopped. Not sure who was going to give up first but it wasn’t going to be me! Because I don’t have enough shoes, I managed to try on and purchase a new pair of heels from Next in a caramel shade which obviously meant I then needed to buy an outfit to go with my new shoes! I also managed to try on and buy a pair of low heeled sandals from Debenhams which I swapped with my KGs for the remained of our shopping. 4” heels looked good but as we have all found out, after an hour or so of intense shopping, the ankles and toes start screaming!

Not a single adverse comment throughout the afternoon, plenty of interface with shop assistants and the general public. Great feeling!

On the way back to the apartment we stopped at Taurus for a drink or two or three. In accessing the bar we ran the gauntlet of a load of kilt wearing Scotsmen teaching / demonstrating Scottish dancing outside on the pavement – I believe they call themselves The Gay Gordons! – enough said!

With an evening out beckoning – we had tickets for The Lady Boys of Bangkok, we got back to the apartment and opened another bottle of wine whilst chilling out and getting ready. Meeting Di and June at The Union pub for 7-15, we had plenty of time until suddenly its 7pm and I am still not ready!!!

Rushing, we made the pub for 7-20 to find no one. Ringing Di ascertained that they were already at the Marquis and so we trotted over to them – NOT (in these shoes – you must be bloody joking!!)

We made it with 5 minutes to spare although in the rush, I had not managed to rob the hole in the wall and so Di had to bail us out. At £14 a round, it was far from cheap (June was only drinking coke!)

We made our way to our table – close to the front and centre and joined 6 women (from Stockport) at the table. Soon afterwards thanks to June’s gift of the gab, we were all getting on fabulously just in time for the show to start.

Not really knowing what to expect, I can safely say I was gobsmacked. The show was very professional, firmly tongue in cheek humour.

We were all overwhelmed by the show and I can wholeheartedly recommend the show for an evening of entertainment.

At the interval, they invited members of the audience onto the stage for a photograph. Well as you all know, I am shy and reserved and struggled with my conscience before finding the £5 fee and joining my wife and June on stage in front of 300 strangers with three of the stars of the show for a group picture.

There is something unreal about, having climbed up the steps onto the stage wearing my “glittery” short dress, having to pull it down from where it had ridden up! in front of so many people.

After the show we were standing in the street chatting with a couple of the girls from Rose’s when the Cast all walked by on their way to ?

Having not eaten yet, we made our way to Villagios where we enjoyed a pleasant meal and a couple more glasses of wine before moving on.

Jackie and I left Di and June to return to the apartment or Jackie to get changed whilst June freshened up. It was at this time that we had our only negative experience when we (Jackie and I) were heckled by a pair of gays outside The Union pub. Personally I felt sorry for the two guys as my wife decided to round on them – verbally that is. I’m sure that what she threatened them with is physically impossible outside an operating theatre!

Anyway, as I was feeling ok, I decided to wait outside th Atrium whilst my wife changed. Whilst hanging around on the street (you can see whats coming!) at midnight, a car pulled over (Volvo S40) and I naively bending over to speak to the driver – assuming he was lost!, was somewhat shocked to be propositioned! My answer was short succinct and to the point.

Jackie p…..ed herself when eventually she rejoined me!

Re joining June and Di in The Union where there was some sort of talent show ongoing, we had a few more drinks before getting a little fed up and strolled up the street looking for somewhere else. Unfortunately at 1am on Canal street on a Sunday there was little option but to return to the Union and have a nightcap before retiring for the night.

Monday morning dawned – allegedly because I for one didn’t see this momentous event! – made a change! We packed our cases and then got ready for a day’s shopping at Cheshire Oaks. Wearing a white vest top, tight jeans and my brown black shoes with a chunkier heel – still 4” we made our way back to the car over at Charles Street and on passing reception I paid for a late check out (4pm) exchanging pleasantries with the receptionist.

Driving over to Cheshire Oaks, I was mindful that the last time we did this Jackie was pretty stressed out(and I failed to recognise the fact) – well it was only the 2nd time she had been out with Emma and so this time I kept a careful eye on her. However I must admit after three days of Emma at Sparkle, she was far more at ease than before and we enjoyed a pleasant 4 hours shopping as two women.

Stopping for breakfast at the Brasserie we both enjoyed Egg Benedictine and a nice cup of tea before walking eth length and breadth of the mall.

Jackie purchased some new leather boots, underwear from La Sensa, and a pair of metallic leggings, whilst I stocked up on eye make up from Revlon, new knickers from La Sensa, bra and knickers from M&S.

All too soon, we had to make our way back having stopped for some liquid refreshments which we enjoyed in the afternoon sunshine. Back at the apartment, Jackie finished packing whilst I stripped off all vestiges of Emma knowing that with my new job in Cambridge, my regular trips out and about in Manchester and tea at Teelas were going to be seriously curtailed.

Writing about the weekend now some 3 weeks after Sparkle, I can’t really emphasise just how far I have come since speaking to some one about Emma for the very first time in early September! What great memories I share with my good friends. This long weekend will help sustain me in the coming months as I have to readjust to a different work life pattern.

Finally, I would just like to publicly thank my wonderful wife for the way she has handled my revelation – it has not been as easy for her as people may think.

Well two weeks to Manchester probably for the last time mid week and the day after we celebrate our 26th Wedding Anniversary – I have booked the Thai Restaurant in Melton and Emma will be nowhere in sight! Good Night, God Bless. See you all soon.


  1. Great account of a wonderful weekend Emma. June

  2. Hi Emma,
    what a lovely account of sparkle ,been nice to meet you since you arrived in manchester.
    Glad you have got an understanding wife,look after her and i might see you one day again in the future.
    sorry i couldnt spend more time with you all at sparkle,but i was entertaining myself
    wish you well with your new job hun