Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sparkle 2 – The Saturday

Having crawled into bed sometime after 3am, I somehow managed to remember to remove my make up and revert back to Bob before joining my wife.

With nothing in particular planned, we slept in and on getting up, enjoyed getting dressed without being in any particular hurry. Several change of outfits later, I was satisfied to go with jeans and my green top and a pair of shoes with chunkier heels to try and cope with walking in the Gardens.

Shortly after noon, we joined some of the girls out at Teela’s stall in Sackville Gardens and donned the complimentary t-shirt adorned with a group picture of us all at Teela’s earlier in the year.

Having been given a handful of pamphlets I was then treated to a display of salesmanship or should there be woman in there, second to none as I could only helplessly watch Kate dispose of her allotted pamphlets effortlessly.

My wife took the opportunity to dash into town to pick up a pair of leggings for her planned evening outfit as she had left hers at home.

Despite our best endeavours, we failed to secure any bacon butties for lunch and so with Teela’s blessing, Kate, Mrs Kate, Tina, Mandy and myself walked over to Taurus and taking over a window table enjoyed a bottle of wine and a round of club sandwiches whilst watching the world go by.

It had tried to rain on and off all day but we had been lucky so far and so I worked up the courage to return to our apartment and despite the pleas from my friends, change into my denim shorts. On the way back, Di and I popped by the Marquee for the Lady Boys of Bangkok and purchase tickets for the Sunday evening performance.

Once back in the apartment, to disguise the scarring on my legs due to 35 years of rugby including an area of discolouration due to a previous case of blood poisoning, I topped up the colour on my legs (spray on tights in bronze) and experimented with a dry spray on oil from Avon which I had won in the raffle at Teela’s which gave me a streak free glistening healthy finish to my legs.

I think the pictures do justice to my “painting” skills!

Whilst I was getting changed, my wife had returned and we opened another bottle of red wine as we continued to enjoy the occasion. Walking out in my shorts and my purple top, peep toes heels with bright red toe nails, and the best part of two bottles of wine in me!, I felt on top of the world.

I certainly caused a stir or two as I strutted up Canal Street back to Sackville Gardens and a rendevouz with my “friends”

My wife dutifully walked 10 yards behind me not wanting to be associated with my “new look” – not – only joking – honest!

I can safely say that Mandy and Tina were struck dumb when they saw me in my shorts. I can’t help it if they were jealous of my legs! If nothing else, I put a smile on my friends faces although it might have been wind now I come to think about it!

Late afternoon we made our way over to Taurus once more for a few pre getting ready drinks – do you see a trend about the weekend yet!

With time drawing on, we made our way back to the apartment via the bottom lock gates where I took the opportunity to have a few photos taken in my shorts.

Back in the apartment, we freshened up and touched up the make up opting for darker evening colours and I changed into a gorgeous full length silver clingy velour dress with matching shoes, no tights.

As the organiser of the meal at the Shang Hi I managed to be fashionably late – some greedy buggers had started the first course before we arrived after dashing across the junction in the rain.

The meal was good, company excellent and we had been joined by Tina’s wife and her sister and her partner! I thought Nicky was fairly unique until I met her sister. Wow, what great girls and superb company.

After the meal, a we made quick dash through the rain back to the apartment on the way stepping into a bloody deep puddle at the lights. Changing into my glitter dress for the rest of the evening, we rejoined the girls at Eden’s where we settled in listening to some decent music.

Whilst at the bar ordering a drink, I bumped into a girl who was out with her sisters having returned for a holiday from Australia. We had a good laugh and took a few photos and then I invited them round to meet the gang which they did. Not sure what my friends thought when I brought a gang of them back to meet them but we all seemed to get on well especially Mandy before we decided to move onto Napoleon’s.

At Napoleon’s I finally got to dance with my wife joining Kate and Mrs Kate on the dance floor. The music was ok for a change with even I managing to recognise most of the tunes even if they were the 20” mega mix versions!

By 3am my wife decided enough was enough and feeling pretty tired retired for the night. The remainder of us sat around the tall tables down in the basement chatting etc until Nicky, he sister and partner had to leave. I think Kate and Mrs Kate must have left around this time but alcohol has affected my memory.

As the light of a new day was dawning, Tina, Mandy Di and myself made our way back to the apartments stopping off shortly before 5am to take a series of pictures at the lock gates.

Climbing into bed I remembered to remove most of my make up and clothes and slipped under the sheets absolutely b…….ed!

Disclaimer - due to copious quantities of alcohol consumed over the weekend, whilst the events I have related are all true, the order and what day they occurred on may not be quite so accurate - sorry!


  1. The smile on my face was definitely wind!

  2. You forgot to memtion the bit about you sitting on Nicky's handbag - or was that diplomatically forgotten?
    Seriously though (as if...) thanks for bringing back floods of great memories. It seems so long ago already.