Saturday, 18 July 2009

My first Sparkle - Friday

(I apologise if some of the facts and events have been changed but this is due to the fact that I can’t bloody remember!)
Having packed for all eventualities in respect of the weather, some would say including my wife that I had packed for a month and not the 4 days we would be over in Manchester and after the event I would have to agree, we set off late morning for Manchester on a high and looking for some quality time away from the kids and spent with our good friends.

Only the previous day I had succeeded in securing employment after a 2 month lay off and hand in hand with the job, I had a new rented family size car – a Mazda, which swallowed up effortlessly our two full sized cases and two sports bags.

First port of call was Tina’s house where we met up with Tina, Mandy and Nicky. With all their bags packed, myself and Mandy both still in “Bob” mode, drove into Manchester and parked on double yellow lines outside The Atrium proceeded to off load the bags and I checked in, meeting Dianne who was already in the process of checking in. Dianne was good enough to help me carry up the bags to our 3rd floor apartment, whilst Mandy stood watch over the illegally parked car and the remaining bags.

I then left Mandy to check in and start getting ready whilst I returned to Tina’s to pick up Tina and my wife. It was at this time that I realised that the key I had was Dianne’s spare and that Dianne and Mandy each had our two keys! – doh

Instead of getting a taxi, we decided that we would split the Friday cost of parking at Charles Street - £16 – probably still cheaper than a taxi from Stockport and would leave the car in Manchester for the 4 days – it would also mean it would be easier for us on the Monday morning when we were planning to go shopping at Cheshire Oaks.

Once safely back at the Atrium, I quickly got changed whilst we opened and enjoyed a cold bottle of white wine. Shortly afterwards we were joined by Tina and Mandy and Kate and Mrs Kate for a pre Sparkle drink.

Wearing cotton drill trousers in beige, a black top and wedges, we then walked into the village which we could see from our apartment and sat down with another bottle of wine outside Eden’s on the decking adjacent to the canal.
With time running short we then made our way back to get changed, my orange and brown skirt this time teamed with a new orange top and new chocolate brown peep toed shoes making another appearance.

As we were sat down, Bea made her appearance having missed each other at Edens due to her being delayed by the traffic and a new girl who Bea was chaperoning. I realised that we somehow had one additional diner than I had booked so many months ago! and so we bolted on a 13th chair and table setting for Dianne who was the last to arrive.

The food and service was very good helped by the fact that at 8pm, the place was quite empty! We even managed to split the bill and get out on the street for shortly after 10pm.

My wife and I returned to our apartment and got changed and repaired the make up before re joining the others. My infamous glitter dress made another appearance teamed with my silver and black laced overlay heels.

Mandy and Tina we found outside Eden’s and we stopped long enough for a couple of nice piccies on the stairs leading down to the entrance. On then to Taurus with Kate and Mrs Kate where we sampled the drinks before heading to Napoleon’s, where for once hey were playing songs that I recognised – albeit the 20 minute disco versions!! And as a result managed to have a few dances with my wife joined by Kate and Mrs Kate. We bumped into Penelope and June who we were not expecting and so had a good chat before we all went on our way again.

We got back to the apartment for 3ish and scrubbed clean climbed into bed absolutely b.......ed!!

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