Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Quiet Night Out with my Girlfriends

Due to me having made a mistake with my dates for Teela’s, I arranged with Tina and Mandy to go out in Manchester the following Monday.

Plans almost were upset for a 2nd time when I was invited for interview that afternoon, however, I was able to get up to my usual hotel for 4-30pm and was well on the way to being ready when Tina arrived followed by Mandy.

As it was a nice summers evening, I dressed appropriately in a summery flared short skirt in orange and brown and a fitted orange blouse, black peep toed heels with natural 7 denier toeless tights. As it was so warm, I didn’t bother with a jacket.

Myself and Mandy drove over to the village parking in our usual place at the top of Canal Street and were joined there by Tina.

We decided to eat at Taurus and accompanied by a nice bottle of white wine, we enjoyed a very nice meal - just the three of us overlooking the street and chatting.

After the meal we strolled down Canal Street to Edens where we sat outside on the decking at the side of the Canal where we continued chatting as the world passed by, although due to all of us driving, it was bottled mineral water we were now drinking.

It was while we were sitting chilling out that we witnessed a particularly bad incident. On the street above us, a mixed gang of youths had an altercation involving a bloke and a particularly loud girl which after unpleasant verbal exchanges between a number of the individuals in the group, a coloured lad slapped the girl and then suggested in front of the rest of them that he could take her!

Frankly having seen her and heard her, I don’t think I would have wanted to tackle her! Notwithstanding that it’s not on threatening a girl and certainly not hitting her. In some respects I was glad it was Emma sitting there as I am sure I would have ended up getting involved.

It seemed that the 12 of them had been thrown out of Edens earlier in the evening after having purchased 12 cokes!

With them having finally moved on, we finished our drinks in the tranquil surroundings and quietly reflected on the world the universe and everything in it! On the way back to our cars, we popped into Velvet to finish the night off in the snug and ended up chatting to two foreign lads.

Back at the hotel we were treated to a pleasant smile from the receptionist such that after Mandy had changed and left for home, I, under the pretence of buying a coke from the vending machine in the foyer got talking to her. She asked me what perfume I was wearing as she had smelt it the last two times I had passed her. – Elle by YSL. We spent a pleasant hour chatting about a wide range of topics, whilst various guests returned – including how she did her eyes (lots of eyeliner). She had been out in the village before with a gay friend and so I asked her to join us one evening when she was free and told her about the forthcoming Sparkle. I believe she will once she has been away for her hols.

Back in the room, I decided to experiment and glued my forms on and taking advantage was able to wear my nighty as it was designed.

Setting the alarm for 7, I awoke and shaved and re applied my make up and then dressed to go shopping. I decided for the first time ever to forsake my heavy duty underwear and went braless under a t-shirt and just my knickers under my jeans, finishing off with a pair of heels.

Walking out so dressed was such a liberated feeling. I felt I could walk on water – confidence was at an all time high! The feel and look was so right!

I drove over to Cheshire Oaks for 10am and parked up. Walking around the shops I found that I seemed to attract no out of the ordinary attention but did notice that a lot of the guys I walked past, even those accompanied by women didn’t bother looking at my face!

I bought a new bra and knickers in M&S as well as a couple of pairs of toeless tights and then in the Playtex shop as I was perusing the bras, the shop assistant came up to me and asked if I needed any help. In the split second it took, I made up my mind and explaining my situation asked if she would not be too embarrassed to give me a bra fitting. She was fine about it and we discussed the merits of the wide range of bras available, trying on a number of different styles and checking the fit. The added complication for me was that I wear two different sizes depending on whether I have my forms on or I am using fillets with my own flesh. Anyway, I came away with 4 new bras in a variety of colours which I was intending to wear over the long weekend at Sparkle. As I said my confidence knew no bounds!

Finally, I picked up a couple of lipsticks and a new eye shadow palette at Revlon and made my way back to the car.

I realised that I needed to shift as the room needed to be vacated by noon and I was running a little late!

Entering the hotel with 10 minutes to go I decided to seek out the cleaners and ask them if they could give me an extra 20 minutes. They were ok and un phased by my request and how I was dressed and so I repaired to my room without further delay and returned to Bob mode.

On leaving the hotel, I again found the cleaners and thanked them for accommodating my request and in the process had a 20 minute chat with them about my dressing amongst other things. You all know how I can talk the hind leg off a donkey!!

Back home later that afternoon, I reflected on the next adventure – Sparkle.

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