Monday, 29 June 2009

Wednesday Northern Angels Meal – June 17th

Once again, my wife was unable to make it due to work and so with her blessing, I departed for my usual hotel – The Travelodge at Lymm Services on the M6.

This evening was slightly different due to Tina and Mandy not being able to join us, however, Claire – aka Tiggr did as did June our long distance dance instructor from Ireland and Emma who we weren’t expecting.

Having taken my time getting to the hotel, I decided that as I was going shopping in the morning, I could take my time in getting ready rather than rushing the experience. I also managed to change my outfit several times before leaving for the meal.

Arriving at Trebica, I thought I was the first there followed closely by Kate and Shirley only to find that Lisa, Claire and Emma were already sat down on the far side of the bar.

Joined by the remaining girls, we made our way to Velvet for the meal. The meal was as usual very good and the service until the shift turnover, excellent. We then spent the customary ages waiting for the bill and as such were then too late to meet up with the rest of the Manchester Concord girls. Lisa, Emma and June then went on for a quiet drink whilst I joined Kate and Mrs Kate at Napoleon’s.

Arriving much earlier than normal, the dance floor was not open and we had a “quiet” drink until it did. We all three then had a dance – and guess what – I recognised several of the songs for a change! With a grim determination neither of us would give up first and sit down!! Finally we needed another drink and shortly afterwards, Kate and Shirley left and I was all on my own in Naps!!! Not wanting the evening to come to an end quite yet, I sat downstairs for a while people watching and then had a trawl upstairs once more. Luckily I spied Jane and we spent a pleasant hour catching up, with our lives, had a few piccies taken before making our way to my car and me driving back to my room.

Once back at my room, having bade the receptionist good night, I changed into a nightdress and applied adhesive to my forms, was able for the very first time to enjoy the sensation of the nightdress without being encumbered with a bra.

The following day, I got up early and after a quick shave, applied my face and dressed as if for an office. I then drove over to Gemini Park and had a wander around Marks and Spencers, stopping off for a pot of tea in the café.

All too soon I had to leave having splashed out on a new pair of shades and a pair of natural toeless tights.

Heading back South, I got home in time to sign on for my fortnightly generous handout!!

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