Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Its Monday, it must be Teela's

Due to me having cocked up my dates I was left with no hotel for the monthly tea with Teela and so decided to take advantage of the changing facilities at Teela’s

I was late (am I ever early I hear you say!!!) leaving and the traffic especially through Stoke was pretty horrific, resulting in me arriving at 6-30pm.

Tina was already there getting ready and I joined her. Tina usually does her face first whilst I always get dressed first. Having struggled into my corset, I chose a long heavy pencil skirt from Roman originals with leopard skin patterned belt which matched my jacket. I am afraid I struggled fastening the hook and eye and had to resort to Tina to help. As a result I managed to pop the fastener early in the evening and will now have to have it repaired. – must lose some more weight!

As I was finishing my face, Catherine Anne turned up and we left her getting ready.

Downstairs we joined the other girls for tea and refreshments. Once again due to the tight corset I declined the kind offer of a seat on the settee (I would have needed a winch to get up!) and sat on the arm of the settee.

Once more Dave turned up wearing shorts and again was threatened to a waxing if he persists.

We spent a pleasant evening as usual with our friends both old and new including an impromptu fashion show by Kate as she tried on a number of wigs. We were joined towards the end by Lisa in Bob mode to help clear the remnants of the food.
As the clock chimed 11, it was time for Cinderella to leave the ball and I joined Tina upstairs once more to revert back to Bob mode. On the road by 11-40 I arrived home absolutely knackered by 1-25.

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