Monday, 8 June 2009

Bits and Pieces

Ever run a B&B? Well, with all three daughters boyfriends staying over and my father in law, we ended up providing shelter and catering for 9 of us last week!

Difficult to sort out anything to do with Emma, with the house fully populated. Television fully used by 4 person Xbox games of Halo, and some racing game.

Over the weekend I moved my storage from Northampton to local in the process increasing the size of storage unit by 30% for an increase in cost of less than £10. We took our youngest with us to do some of the lifting although I had to invent some reason as to why I went into my unit alone before loading the van. – a dozen pairs of heels and a rack of Emma’s clothes was the problem!
After loading the van we stopped at the Red Hot Chilli Shack and during the meal my daughter made us laugh.

She asked me what were the orange slices on my sweet plate. I said cantelope to which she replied that she thought that was a type of deer! This was after stacking her plate with what she though were onion rings only to find out that it was battered squid!

Never the less, we successfully transferred the contents of my storage unit to one only 3 miles from home. My wife has suggested that I keep Emma’s clothes etc in the garage rather than in the storage container which allows me a lot more flexibility especially when trying to put outfits together.

Well, tomorrow is D day – I finally am having the 2nd interview for a job I was first interviewed for way back on the 1st April. Crossed fingers I get this. It’s me against one other. May the best man win so long as it’s me!

My wife and I are looking forward to the weekend meal with Manchester Concord and a bunch of our friends together with some girls and partners my wife has not yet met. Not decided on what I will be wearing yet, I suppose a lot depends on what the weather is going to be over the weekend. We have just put another order in with Roman Originals which may be with us before the weekend.

Not sure whether it’s good form to wear the same dress in the same company more than once! But I guess, when you are only part time then some compromise is necessary and allowed.

Just got rid of my painted toenails after several weeks of wearing various shades. It certainly makes you think twice before taking shoes and socks off! Will re do them before the weekend in Revlon Red. We had some friends over to watch the Lion’s game followed by the England Argentina game on Saturday, and it was pretty surreal sitting watching noting that my friend’s wives were all sporting painted toenails like me!

Finally got back to the gym for the 1st time in two months to start working off the weight I have gained since losing my job. I started with a gentle 30 minutes on the jogging machine at 7km/hr and 15% gradient, burning 620 calories and walking 3.5km. Will be going again later tonight and then early to bed ready for my interview in Birmingham tomorrow.

I booked the Saturday night meal at Sparkle for our group at Shang Hi; 14 on Saturday to join with 12 of us on the Friday at Villagio’s. Not sure where we will be eating or with whom on the Sunday of Sparkle, but the Indian has been suggested by the Sparkle organisers.

I have spent the last few days jet washing my patio (three days of fun!) and have had installed floodlights over the BBQ and the patio together with a double gang external socket which should now allow us, weather permitting!, to extend any BBQs into the evening. Can’t wait to try it out. Shame we can’t have a girls night here where I live but unfortunately this will only ever be wishful thinking.

Yesterday, I took one of my daughters and her boyfriend back to London to clear out her digs and bring it all back to the house, leaving her at her boyfriends for the moment. My eldest, has just returned after her first afternoon shift at the local pub, so it looks like she will be staying with us for the summer now she has got a job locally!!

Speaking of girls, who is it that said that girls are tidier than boys! In my opinion (based only on 3 daughters) they are by far worse. My daughter’s room in London was a tip! We had to fight our way in to pack up the rest of her things! Today the youngest has spent all day cleaning her bedroom up and the eldest, who’s bed we have just replaced, managed to bring down over a dozen glasses and cups when she cleaned her room prior to installing the new bed! And she’s only been back home 2 weeks!

Anyhow, I’ll get off my soapbox now and get changed for the gym. Till the weekend everybody.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    The squid comment made me giggle. I put deep fried squid on as a canape in the hotel restaurant the other day and the amount of waiting on staff who thought it was onion rings lol. Good look with the job interview, Im sure youll get it.

    Love Emma x x x