Thursday, 18 June 2009

It's Saturday - It must be Manchester!

Saturday the 13th June saw my wife and making what seems to be a more and more frequent pilgrimage North to Manchester and a weekend of Emma.

I had with some degree of difficulty managed to put together a few options of outfits for the weekend despite the presence of two of our daughters although I failed miserably in trying to choose what shoes, taking 10 pairs away with me – definitely over the top!

Arriving at The Atrium, we parked at Charles Street this time and in so doing saved over £10. This time, instead of being banished to the bathroom whilst getting ready, Jackie was more comfortable this time to see me in various stages of undress!

We were meeting up with Justine and his wife and intended walking over to the meal venue together later in the day.

I am getting much quicker now getting ready and have a routine for my face in particular daytime eye make up which seems to work for me. I was also giving my new blonde wig purchased from Teela’s the previous Thursday it’s first airing. We cracked open a bottle of red wine whilst getting ready

Dressed in a red top and wearing a lightweight flared denim skirt with my new black wedge sandals from Next on my feet, we left the apartment and made our way up Canal Street to our usual haunt of The Taurus bar. As we made our way into the darkened bar, we were beckoned over to a table by a couple sitting near the bar. These turned out to be Donna and her wife, from Leeds and were in Manchester on spec having spent the day shopping together.

We spent a pleasant hour chatting and exchanged contact details before leaving to get changed for the meal and the rest of the night.

For the evening meal, I wore a new silver cowl dress from Roman Originals teamed with my black lace over silver peep toed heels which currently are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in my wardrobe – and they look good!

Once ready, Justine and his wife joined us and we opened another bottle of wine this time a nice chilled white. Whilst I was aware through contact with Justine that this was his wife’s first time out with Justine, what I didn’t know was that it was the first time that she had met Justine in the flesh since being told about her 6 months ago. Justine seemed far more nervous than his wife. Every credit to her.

Suitably refreshed, we made our way down to the foyer and out into the street strolling up to Eden in the cooling remnants of the day, threading our way through the early evening revellers where we met up with the other girls, 22 in all including many partners.

Due to the numbers, we had pre booked our meals with my wife and I plumping for duck and pancakes as a starter and a salmon pizza for Jackie and a hot and spicy Calzone for myself.

The food was excellent and the company superb. Sitting next to Justine and his wife, the time flew by. After the meal, the tables were cleared away and a dance floor uncovered accompanied by a great selection of music mainly from the 80’s.

By now, most of the clientele were “normal” including a gang of girls from Middlesborough who insisted on having their photos taken with our group. – Not too sure why!

As the evening wound on, some of the girls left for Napoleon’s whilst Jackie and I stayed on for another hour with Justine and Denise. Bidding our friends farewell, we made our way to Napoleon’s where we met up with the rest of the gang downstairs and joined them for a few more drinks before we called it a night leaving Dianne to boogie on into the night.

Back at the apartment sometime after 3am, I managed to pass out on the settee, waking up at 6am, a cold cup of tea on the coffee table, I crawled into bed to join my wife still fully made up and down to my underwear.

I managed to wake up a short while later before my wife and removed the last vestiges of Emma before she woke up (apart from my bright red nails!)

We spent the Sunday morning leisurely getting ready and at noon, descended in the lift to the foyer. On the way down we were joined by two old ladies who we exchanged pleasantries with. We walked up to Velvet where we joined Mary and Dianne for lunch. Once more, it was a nice feeling sitting outside in the sunshine grazing and chatting as the world went by. We were joined by Justine in “Bob” mode and Denise.

We then took advantage of a lift from Mary to visit the open day at Transfixed. Sipping a complimentary strawberry cocktail we were shown around the premises and what services were offered. All to soon, we had to depart as we had a late check out at 4pm. We made it with minutes to spare and as we left the lift who did we meet but the two old ladies we had shared the lift with earlier. I was however in Bob mode wearing a Lion’s shirt and jeans this time and not the denim flared skirt and a red top and black wedge sandals. Tongue firmly in cheek I bade the ladies farewell as we left the lift and made our way to the foyer. It was obvious as my wife was wearing the same distinctive top that we were the same couple who had shared the lift with them earlier as I could hear the cogs whirring and the look on their faces as the penny dropped. Oh to have been a fly on the wall of the lift as they ascended to their floor.

We were still chuckling to ourselves as we arrived back at the car.

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