Sunday, 19 July 2009

Close Encounters of the Bus Kind!!

Part one of my Sparkle blog is complete and what happens?

On my way to work on the Wednesday, a bus decided not to stop and ran into the back of me whilst I was stationary awaiting some bloody idiot driving a gully sucker to move on from where he stopped – on a blind bend with double white lines whilst he asked (presumably) for directions from a passing jogger.

The bus drove me forward a few metres and in the process I cut open the back of my head and suffered whiplash. The driver of the bus almost suffered considerably more as I contemplated dragging him off the bus and explaining to him my displeasure!

However, common sense prevailed. In the meanwhile the driver of the gully sucker moved on oblivious to what he had caused.

The bus driver claimed that he had braked but skidded. That would of course account for the fact that there were no marks on the road and that I hadn’t heard the bus approach!

Suffice to say, I ended up not getting to work on my second official day in my new job and writing off a hire car provided for me. This was my first accident since 1985 and I have driven in excess of one million accident free miles!

Here I sit typing the latest blog with a sore aching neck and shoulders. Hopefully it will improve quickly and I am looking forward to taking my wife out a couple of times soon as a thank you for accompanying me to Sparkle.

Part 2 of Sparkle to follow soon – when I can remember what we did!

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  1. OUCH - I see a whiplash claim coming on - hope all's well Emma, and you can remember more than I can.