Thursday, 14 January 2010

Di's Birthday Bash

The final trip out of what has proved to be a very eventful year was to celebrate my good friend Dianne’s birthday. No I don’t know how many years but in my humble opinion, no more than 30.

The Wednesday before New Year in Manchester was my last trip out with my good friends and something I was looking forward to having been unable to join with them for the Christmas Meal

As I was on holiday, I managed to pack and leave home by 11am and deposited the car at Charles Street just after 1-30pm walking on to my hotel at the The New Union.

I unpacked and started to get ready. Initially I was intending to get ready and go shopping but in reality I was not cash rich and so instead chilled out as I got ready in my own time. I chose to wear a leather skirt my wife had given me after she had lost weight paired with a blouse over which I wore a beaded sweater and a pair of knee high stiletto heeled boots. Wearing my red ¾ length coat I made my way to Taurus where I exchanged pleasantries with Jason and ordered a Pinot Grigio at happy hour prices.

Sitting on a bar stool sipping my wine watching the world go by, I felt totally at ease. I had arranged to meet up with Jay (on Angels forum) and texted her to tell her where I was.

Shortly after 5, Jay arrived after an afternoon of shopping. Another bottle of wine followed and we soon got to know each other well. I was jealous to find that she had come over from Southport by train, something I had yet to experience.Image Finally, time being of the essence, we made our way back to the New Union to meet up with Dianne. Leaving Jay at the bar, I retired to my room to get changed and repair my make up.

For the evening, I chose the new dress my wife bought me for Christmas teamed with shiny black hold up stockings and new shoes.

On my re appearance, Dianne was entertaining Jay as I realised that I had a run in one of my stockings. Quickly I retired to my room to exchange one of my glossy black hold ups.

On my return to the bar, Dianne was in conversation with a woman and I ended up chatting to a guy who offered to give me a BJ. My response was that I was happily married and that my wife was more than able to satisfy my requirements for a BJ. For once the guy took my comments in good grace and we continued to chat. I felt really good.

As the hour got closer we departed the New Union for Velvet and accompanied Jay to the Concorde meeting at The Rembrandt.

Leaving Jay at The Rembrandt, we made our way to Paddy’s Goose where we had a couple of drinks with our friends.

Moving on from there we made our way to Napoleon’s, where we passed the next 4 hours in good company,Image dancing when we felt like it, drinking for the remainder of the time. Kate, having lost so much weight looked formidable and Mrs Kate equally beautiful.

Dancing on and off through the next few hours, I managed to stay awake until 4am when we decided enough was enough and made our way back to the New Union.
What an end to a very full and eventful year.

The following morning I got up and dressedImage and went for a walk before retiring to my room and getting changed.
, leaving the hotel and driving home.

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  1. What a fantabulous night it was Emma. Hope there will be many more! x