Thursday, 14 January 2010

Taking advantage of one of the last nights I would be staying over in Cambridge at my friends’, Liz, due to me having just been made redundant, I decided to push the boat out, spending Tuesday afternoon, evening and all day Wednesday as Emma.

As it was, it didn’t quite work out that way because of a suspected gas problem at Liz’s, I was unable to get changed until late afternoon and then as a consequence, we missed the early evening showing of Sherlock Holmes which had been our intention to see.

Due to the weather, I dressed to suit and wore a pair of olive baggy silky trousers, crochet top over a beige cami and my new (from E bay) River Island calf brown length boots. Instead of my normal forms, I used my own flesh suitably pushed and pulled to achieve a realistic cleavage. To keep warm, I topped it off with my ¾ length fur lines and trimmed brown coat.

Driving into town, we decided to park close to the theatre to see what was on, having missed the start of the film. (I had quite a shock when the cold seat belt came in contact with my now exposed decollage!) We ended up going to the ADC Theatre to see Midsummer Night’s Dream. Having arrived early, we repaired to the bar Imageand had a couple of drinks whilst waiting for the performance to begin. I found the play to be very good and entertaining. This was the first time as Emma I had been to the theatre and lover every minute. During the interval, the couple of cold drinks before the show made their presence felt and a trip downstairs essential. My second ”first” of the night was the need to queue to have a pee. Back in the auditorium, I got chatting to an American girl, over in Cambridge as an exchange student. This was her second day in England (and she got to meet me – well she wont forget that in a hurry eh!) We chatted away until the second half of the play began.

After the play, we had a quick drink back at the bar whilst chatting to two of the ushers. We then braved the cold night and Liz had the idea of trying out the Hidden Rooms (a club with live music) was around the corner. Hidden I certainly would agree as I doubt I would have found them without Liz. Descending into the darkness, I wondered what I was getting into. I needn’t have worried, in one of the downstairs rooms we came across a Tango class – no not bloody orange drinks - the dance! It was great watching the couples dance, what a sexy dance it is. I would love to learn and have promised my wife that we will have a go once our circumstances have improved.

Leaving the dancers to it, we made our way next door to the bar which was empty other than bar staff and the owner, who we struck up a conversation with. It was interesting and gratifying to know his positive take on the perceived grey area of T girls using the ladies toilets. The place has live music, Wednesdays to Saturdays and when Tina and Mandy join us for a night in Cambridge a week on Wednesday, I am thinking of re visiting the Club.

As Liz had an important appointment the following day, we headed back to her house and had an early night.

The following day, Liz had asked if I would accompany her to the County Courts where she was appearing in front of a judge regarding a personal matter. I asked her if she wanted Emma or me and she asked for Emma. The idea was that after the 30 minute hearing we would do a bit of window shopping (neither of us had money!), have a bite to eat and then take a look at one of the museums – that was the idea.

Dressing for the day, I took advantage of the situation to wear a skirt suit and blouse with dark brown tights and black high heeled shoes. The skirt was a tight pencil skirt, the hem falling just on the knee. I wore my red ¾ length coat over the top to keep warm. Image

Arriving early, we parked up as close to the courts as we could and then made our way to the courts on the way passing a gang of workmen who made some sexist remarks and a couple of guys who made some nice (to me it was nice) remarks about my legs! I must admit to feeling somewhat empowered, the skirt, tights and heels all contributing to the feeling. My walk for once came easy without me having to remind myself to keep my feet parallel etc.

Arriving at the court house, I was suddenly faced with another “first”, a security check to enter the building. I was taken to the left where my bag was checked and I passed through the scanner only to set it off! Taking my umbrella out of my pocket I tried again only for a similar result. At this the female security officer took me to one side and patted me down before allowing me to pick up my handbag, umbrella and to proceed.

Picking up a coffee from the vending machine we booked in and sat down awaiting Liz’s appointed time. It felt good, sitting there in a skirt suit, legs crossed, chatting away. Liz was quite nervous of the impending session. The case before Liz’s over ran by almost an hour until finally we made to enter. The other party in the hearing made an attempt to prevent me accompanying Liz, but as it was an open session, I was free to take up a seat at the back. This other person was engaged in several law suits and at the back of the court adjacent to myself where legal representatives for other parties involved in those cases.

The court hearing went well for Liz although she has some more work to do and another court appearance in the offing but walking out together we made our way into a blizzard outside and celebrated with a bite to eat at the University café over the road.

Having sated our hunger we then returned to The Gratton Centre and had some fun checking out the shops and finally Debenhams where I picked up a new dress in the sale.Image Trying the size 16 on, I chatted with the shop assistants, asking them for their opinion and afterwards, another “first” having to ask one of them to unzip me (side zip needing double jointed wrist access!)

Time marched on and as I was now feeling the effect of the 4” heels on my still damaged right knee and the snow was still coming down, we decided to nip back home and get changed.

For my last foray into Cambridge, I wore my denim (“spray on”) leggings with kitten heeled pumps and a woollen, cowled neck dress on top. Over that, I wore my grey woollen jacket (Tesco special some years ago!)Image

Back in Cambridge, it was now too late to make the museum as Liz had an appointment at 4-30 and so we popped into the Pickerel Arms for a coffee and were lucky enough to meet up with Claire, teh barmaid who we know quite well. We asked her if she wanted to join us a week on Wednesday when Mandy and Tina are coming down to Cambridge for the night to which she was enthusiatic but not 100% sure until later in teh week. We exchanged contact details witha view to firm up arrangements. We then made our way across towm for Liz's appointment where I left her to have a wander back to the centre, popping into a number of charity shops on the way and finally having a good mooch around Primark where I spent the princely sum of £1 on a new belt!

All good things must come to an end and so it was that with tea time looming, we returned to Liz’s and I packed Emma away for the immediate future.

So came to an end a wonderful 36 hours where I was able to temporarily suspend the reality of my current position and be Emma, free of the doubts, worries and the uncertainties of my family’s immediate future.

Nb other than the photo taken at the Theatre, I didn't get the opportunity to take any others insitu and so have used ones taken at home today to illustrate what I was wearing

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