Sunday, 28 February 2010

Angels 10th Birthday Bash

Having been made redundant the previous week, my original intention to attend The Angels 10th Birthday Party at Pink Punters on the 22nd January looked in serious jeopardy until Gayna stepped in and kindly offered to pick me up and for me to share her and Davina’s room at the Campinole.

Bag packed, I shared a lift to my wife’s work near Loughborough from where Gayna picked me up at 2pm. Back on the M1, we arrived at the hotel before 3-30pm and having spied the queue at check in, decided to have a quick drink whilst waiting for the queue to die down.

Just as we settled down at the bar, a number of girls including Justine, upped and left (I later found out that they were heading into Milton Keynes)

After downing our drinks, we repaired to our room to get ready, checking up from time to time on Davina who was wending her way North from the south coast.

Dressed and ready to go, we accompanied a new girl down into the bar (this was her 1st time dressed outside her room) and settled in the comfy chairs in the hotel bar.

We met Evie and a host of other girls as they one by one arrived. In the meantime, Davina was still on her way accompanied by Louise. More drinks followed and finally Davina and Louise joined us and we decided that instead of organising a lift into town looking for food, we picked up the chicken curry from the bar menu. Despite comments to the contrary in previous posts, I found the food very good and it certainly hit the spot after 3 hours of drinks!

After eating, it was back to the room to get changed into our party frocks!, before walking over the road to Pink Punters. Initially we congregated in the upstairs bar, getting to know some of the angels we knew only from their posts on the Forum. It was interesting to compare notes so to speak and how familiar some of the accounts were.

Finally, the lure of the music and the strobe lighting drew us downstairs and we spent the next couple of hours dancing. It was during this period that a guy came up to me and tweaked my breast. I responded by grabbing his meat and two veg, winking at his girlfriend who was in tow behind. She just smiled back.

Finally as dawn was quickly approaching, we retired to our room and collapsed. Later that morning, make up removed and undressed, it was back to bob mode for our trip North. Another great night out.

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