Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"Back on The Bike"

Following on from the previous week‘s incidents, my wife gave me the nod to join my friends for Kate’s birthday last Saturday, though because of our daughter’s hospital appointment on the Sunday, I drove up to Manchester on my own.

My first port of call after leaving my car at Charles Street was Bootle Street Police Station where I completed an incident report about my assault the previous week. All in all, I was there for about 90 minutes with a PC who was very friendly and understanding whilst guiding me through the procedure.

The incident has been classified as a Transphobic incident involving common assault.

With the sun high in the sky, I made my way over to the girls at Transfixed in Jersey Street to choose a new wig. As usual I was made most welcome and spent a pleasant hour chatting and trying different styles before choosing one which was then trimmed to suit my own face.

Back at the car park I picked up my case and walked back to the New Union Inn where I was staying and booking in, proceed to get changed. Knowing it was to be a warm day and with the advent of summer, I had been applying a moisturiser with a tanning agent to my legs all week and so was able to forgo wearing tights.

Wearing the bare minimum, bra, knickers, kitten heels, T shirt and a short flared skirt, I picked up a drink and made my way outside into the late afternoon sun to relax and wait for my good friends Tina and Mandy to arrive. Outside, I quickly got talking to a pair of girls up from Lincoln who had been partners for 7 years, one of whom was a fire woman. It is amazing how quickly at ease I slipped into the conversation and joined them over drinks. Ruth, one of the girls commented that I looked better than she would in the skirt. I was made to feel at home in their company and passed a happy hour waiting for my friends. After Tina and Mandy had arrived, whilst waiting for them to get ready we continued to chat and have a few more drinks, until my friends joined us ready for the evening.

Originally I was going to get changed into something a little more dressier for the meal but frankly, I was feeling really comfortable in what I was wearing and it was still quite warm, so I didn’t bother.

Leaving our new friends we walked up to Villagio’s where the others were going to meet us. Walking with bare legs and your skirt flapping against them is a lovely feeling and one that I had not experienced since the last Sparkle. So much for English weather! I was quite pleased with the overall colour as it disguised my scarred lower legs quite well.

The meal was up to the usual high standards and the company once more exemplary I chose the tiger prawns in garlic and chilli as a starter followed by a steak with a few glasses of cold white wine to was it down with.

After the meal, myself and Di decided to repair back to our rooms and get changed. Again, for me quite minimalistic, I stayed with my underwear and swapped the top and skirt for a new LBD I had recently purchased in black and blue sequins. The dress was a touch on the short side probably 8” above my knees but the weight and feel was to die for, it hung really nice. Teamed with my favourite evening heels and bare legs still, we made our way back onto Canal Street.

Both Di and myself proceeded to visit a number of clubs heading up Canal Street including Spirit where we spoke to quite a few girls, and Via before finally ending at Napoleon’s where we met up with the others.

We enjoyed a few more drinks and a chat downstairs before much to my chagrin, I managed to knock over a beer all over Mandy and Tina. Shortly afterwards, they left, returning to my hotel room to get changed. In the meantime, I left and ended up downstairs at the New Union disco before finally calling it a night.

The following day, I was up for 10 and quickly got ready, new green kitten heels from Faith, a pale green top from Debenhams and my beige flared skirt finished my outfit.

I walked up to Velvet for breakfast joining a number of couples in the restaurant before Di turned up. We had a nice full breakfast and a few coffees to start the day after which I returned to my room and swapped shoes necessitating swapping tops before walking into town for a bit of shopping.

Di purchased a number of tops but I was disappointed to find the ones I was interested in were not in my size. I therefore made do with a new necklace before we returned to Taurus for a drink before Di had to leave for an appointment.

Walking back to the New Union in the glorious sunshine on my bare legs and arms, I felt on top of the world and so instead of getting changed and returning home, I decided to stay a while soaking up the sunshine on a high stool outside the pub where I got to talking with a number of customers and passers bys. The backs of my heels had taken a bit of a hammering the previous day and so a woman who was there with her husband, on noticing the state of my heels, kindly offered to let me have a couple of plasters. We chatted for a while as life went on all around us.

Whilst sitting there, I noticed who I thought to be Steph arrive (as a guy) accompanied by someone I didn’t recognise. Knowing Steph’s home situation, I didn’t want possibly to jeopardise it by going over to say hello and so reluctantly kept my distance. As it turned out, they were both texting me to ask if I was in the village as Chrissie (as it turned out to be) though she had recognised me. However, my phone was frazzled as I had managed to soak it in coke the previous day on my way to Manchester.

Finally, just after 3pm I had to call it a day as with a 2 hour journey home, it would be 6 before I got there. A great riposte from the incidents experienced the previous weekend.

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