Wednesday, 26 May 2010

An Eventful Weekend in Manchester

Friday evening and my wife was accompanying me North to Manchester to help celebrate Jay’s birthday on the following day.

Given the time to get ready etc, we decided that we would go out into the village on arrival without me getting changed. Due to the usual hotels being full, we booked into The Ibis in Charles Street which was close to the car park and the room was comfortable and well lit.

We decided to stop in Eden’s for a quiet drink it being past 10-30pm and were pleasantly surprised to find that a bottle of Pinot Grigio was only £6. Sipping away, Jackie and I were well relaxed and looking forward to the next day when surprise surprise, Kate and Shirley found us and joined us on the comfy chairs in Eden’s. I had no idea that they were planning to be out and certainly for them to find us without any communication was almost something out of the twiglight zone.

After leaving Eden’s we had a walk towards Napoleon’s were we parted company and decided to have an early night, returning to our hotel down Princess Street past some busy bars / clubs. I noted that this might be a problem should we come this way dressed on the following day, never realising just how accurate my assessment would be.

The following morning, we had an early start, the intention being to run over to Cheshire Oaks, pick up breakfast and do some intense shopping before getting back into Manchester to meet Steph off the bus at 1pm.

Dressed in a tight black t shirt and denim skirt with kitted heels, I was suitably dressed for some serious shopping.

Arriving at the Oaks we stopped at our favourite Brasserie and had Eggs Benedict and a pot of tea before checking out the shops. The breakfast itself was not without incident as I managed to squirt egg yolk all over my skirt!

With my wife firmly in command of the itinery, we first made our way to La Senza where she proceeded to try on and buy a series of sets of underwear whilsy I more modestly picked up a matching bra and knickers in Cerise (matches my dress) and a control slip and a pair of “boy” shorts.

Moving on, we enjoyed the sunshine as we strolled around the complex anti clockwise. Running out of time we visited the M&S outlet where Steph and I had had such a good experience some weeks before and met with two of the three assistants who had helped us. I had purchased several boxes of Lindt chocolates and thanking them once again gave them in recognition of their help.

With time pressing, we jumped into the car and returned to Manchester getting back in time to meet Steph off the bus. We decided to make our way to Taurus this being just around the corner from the bus station and bumped into Di who was finishing her lunch outside on the pavement. Joining her, we decided on a bottle of Pinot Grigio and I waited for Steph to let me know she had arrived.

Whilst waiting, I received a telephone call from Jay – she and Gwen had met Steph off the bus and were at Churchills, standing up we were able to waive to each other. Steph, Jay and Gwen joined us for a drink as we discussed what we were going to do.

Finishing off the wine we arranged for me to go back to our room via the car park to pick up Steph’s clothes etc with Steph where I would help Steph get ready. In the meanwhile, Jackie was going into Arndale to carry on shopping and we were going to meet her in the café at Debenhams later in the afternoon.

Back in the room, I helped Steph get changed, picking out a suitable outfit for the afternoon and did her make up before leaving for Debenhams.

We made our way back through the village and then into Picadilly and on to Debenhams in the late afternoon sun.

Sipping on a cold drink, Jackie rejoined us and after our refreshments, we went downstairs and helped Steph pick a new handbag and then 2 pairs of shoes before Jackie shot off to get ready leaving us to follow some 10 minutes later having paid for the shoes.

The walk back was a little slow as our feet were feeling the pinch by now but back at the hotel room, we got changed for the evening. Due to us being late we were in a rush and I managed to ladder my tights in the process. Trying to get 3 of us ready in one room when we were late already is not to be recommended.

As we were so late I asked Jackie to nip down and organise a taxi for us which she did and when it arrived, Jackie went down to ensure he didn’t go without us whilst I put the finishing touches to myself and Steph.

We then made our way down in the lift only to be confronted by a bunch of morons including one guy in particular. Somehow the lifts were not working correctly and initially we joined a guy in the lift only to find it went up. At the top, we then proceeded to go down where it stopped at the 1st floor. On opening we were confronted by a group of guys one of which went to get in the lift until another started jumping up and down screaming that it was full of trannies at which point he quickly jumped back out again as though he would catch something. He continued to run up and down the corridor screaming that there were trannies in the lift whilst we waited patiently for the lift doors to close and continue our descent. The doors closed and then the lift went back up to the top and proceeded to come down a floor at a time until the 1st floor again where we were once again confronted by this bloody demented scrote who frankly had Steph not been with me, I would have quite happily caught and broke his nose.

Finally the lift doors closed and we arrived on the ground floor to find Jackie somewhat concerned as the taxi had been waiting some time now. Back to the taxi, we helped Steph in the back seat where she was joined by Jackie leaving me to negotiate a low level seat in the front of the taxi wearing a short tight dress without showing the driver all that I had!

Te driver dropped us off outside Churchills and I paid him including a tip for waiting for us and we made our way to Taurus along a quite crowded Canal Street before finally joining the birthday party inside.

Thankfully, whilst almost 45 minutes late, the food had not been ordered and we were able to submit our order without further delay whilst enjoying another bottle of Pinot Grigio at happy hour prices.

It was good to meet up with everyone and have some quality time with friends who with the exception of Claire, I had only met briefly or via Facebook.

We were able to eat our meal which was very good in a leisurely manner whilst enjoying a good chat and the ambiance of the restaurant, after which, we moved on down the street. Whilst I helped Steph book into her hotel – the New Union, the others repaired to Eden’s where we joined them a short while later, before then moving onto to a crowded Spirit.

Finally, as the night was coming to an end, Jackie and I dropped Steph off at her room and we stayed down stairs at The New Union drinking in the function room until turned 3am when we decided to make for our hotel.

It was during our walk down Princess Street that I was attacked by a young guy and as I have already posted about this incident won’t dwell further on it here, suffice to say it upset both myself and Jackie though physically I was not hurt.

I finally got to bed at turned 4-30am very much sober and with a lot to reflect on.

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