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Blackpool 1st October 2011

Sitting here in my apartment in the Gulf, I have decided to catch up with some of the adventures I had that last month in October before moving over here.

October 1st last year and I excitedly packed for one last trip up to Blackpool and a night out with my friends before leaving the UK. The weather was unseasonably hot and leaving the house later than I planned (my youngest was hanging around) I made my way to my usual layby to finish getting ready only to find it occupied. There was a bike race down the country road where I usually get changed and so I moved on and finding a suitable place further down the road, and pulled over. Already wearing stretch jeans and top over my underwear I quickly donned my wig and slipped my fillets into the bra and proceeded to put my face on only to have to stop after a number of cars joined me in this layby. Frustratingly, all the rest of the possible stops were occupied ready for the race as I made my way to Kegworth.

Driving onto the A50 I decided to finish my face in the car park at the first services. Parking as far away from the building as possible I recommenced putting my make up on only to have a woman park her car right next to mine and get her dog out to take it for a walk nearby! There were 20+ spaces between me and the next car and she had to park next to me!

Unperturbed I continued with my eyes and noticed that I had now been joined by a gang of old motorcyclists who had parked close by but in the centre of the car park and proceeded to hang around chatting and having a smoke!

Nails on and almost finished, I got out of the car, slipped my heels on and with my bag over my shoulder made my way to the services walking past the bikers and the woman with her dog returning to her car. In the toilets, I finished off my eyes with liner and mascara and checked my overall finish. The toilets at these services are quite small and I couldn’t believe how busy they were!

On exiting I picked up an ice lolly from the fridge and made my way to the counter where I was treated to a courteous welcome from the guy behind the counter and we exchanged pleasantries about the weather before bidding him goodbye.
Once again I made my way past the bikers back to my car and hussy that I was, put a swagger in my step swinging those hips as I walked by.

With the wrapper off the ice lolly I made my way out and onto the road heading West and must admit to licking the lolly quite suggestively as I was driving along with the window down and listening to some AC/DC on the stereo.

As I was approaching Warrington, I noticed that somewhere on the way I had lost one of my nails and for once had not included any spares in my handbag, so decided to stop off at the big Boots at Gemini near Warrington. Walked in and purchased a boxed set of kiss nails and another bottle or Revlon Red nail varnish, paid for them and in the car park replaced my missing nail before making my way back to the M6 and North again.

Coming off the M6 onto the M55 the traffic built up as I realised that Blackpool were at home that day. I then spent almost an hour sitting in crawling traffic people watching until I reached my exit and was able to leave the queues behind.

I finally got to my hotel mid afternoon only to find nowhere to park! I spent 20 minutes until getting tired and needing the toilet, I abandoned the car in a side street, picked my case up and proceeded to walk to the hotel in so doing I walked past a family in their front garden and kids playing in the street. Once at the hotel, my bag deposited in the room I made my way back to the car as I had parked in a zoned area. As I walked past the young woman in her garden I asked her if there was anywhere nearby I could park. She appeared surprised when she heard me speak but recovered quick enough to show me where I could park and as we parted, she commented that I had balls! Ha, ha!

With the car safely parked, I returned to my hotel and quickly changed out of my jeans into a pair of denim shorts and with a pair of flats on my feet, I left the hotel and made my way to the seafront and headed towards The Tower.

Words fail me as to describing the feelings I had that afternoon as I made my way through the busy crowds taking advantage of this late sun, in my shorts, bag over my shoulder and earrings banging against the side of my face. Not an untoward look or comment as I quickly walked to the Tower.

On arrival, I asked about the cost of tickets etc and purchased one which combined a trip to the top with a 4D cinema experience. I joined the many families on the stairs as we climbed to the first stop, a photo opportunity using blue screen technology. I queued up and was asked to sit on the ledge love. After the photo was taken it was a thank you mate! from the photographer – you can’t win can you!Image

I then had to wait in an increasingly crowded ante room before being let in to the cinema during which time I got talking to a young couple with a little hyperactive girl and helped them by taking their photo for them as a family. It was quite oppressive waiting with more and more people crowding in behind us and there was me in a singlet style top and shorts!

The cinema experience was very good and being sprayed with cold water as part of the effects was most welcome. From there it was back to a snaking Disneyland style queue winding its way around until we reached the lifts. As is my usual habit, I got to talking with a family behind me as we were waiting expressing a wish that they should have a bar or sell drinks while we were queuing - they would make a fortune!

Entering the lift I reflected on the fact that the last time I was in the tower was 1970 as a little boy!

At the top, I joined the others and enjoyed the view from the viewing platform and because you have to, took a few obligatory photos standing on the glass floor looking down at the ground some 500ft below.Image Again I helped some of the other visitors by taking their photos and in return had a few taken of me, engaging in conversation and exchanging comments. Certainly no place to be a shrinking violet!Image

With my eye on the clock, sadly it was time to make my way back as Mandy and Tina should have arrived by now and we were due out in 2 hours and I had to get ready.

At the bottom, I decided to pop into Revolution Bar for a quick drink as I was absolutely parched (and hungry to boot) and having purchased a beer, sat down on one of the high stools to enjoy my cold beer. Whilst sitting there I noticed that my thumb nail was coming adrift and so pulling out my nail glue from my bag tried without success to remove the top. In frustration, I walked over to a guy at the bar and asked if he could unscrew it. ImageSmiling he took the bottle and almost gave himself an hernia. His mates saw him struggling and one at a time they failed to budge the top. In the meanwhile I moved over to two girls who were with them and joined them watching the drama unfold. Finally eureka, the lid was removed and I was able to re-secure my nail. I was invited to join them and we had a laugh as I sipped my beer and it transpired that the guys were squaddies who happened to know a friend of mine who had sadly been killed recently in Afghanistan. Before leaving them I had a photo taken with the two gorgeous girls as well as one with the guys. I guess I gave them something to talk about on my departure.Image

With the clock now ticking I stopped off at a chippie on the way back to the hotel and fed myself on steak pudding, chips and mushy peas! Just what you need to party lol! As I was about to pay, two close friends of mine snuck up on me and we shared the walk back to the hotel.

Having met up with my friend and her wife, we walked back to the hotel where I re-joined Tina and Mandy as they were getting ready. My first hiccup was the dress that I intended wearing was a racer back and the strapless bra I had specifically purchased for this was a tad uncomfortable and the dress somewhat shorter than I had thought – end result a total rethink of what to wear.

Luckily (or good planning lol) I had an alternative dress to wear and so resorted to my tried and tested black sequined number with golden lightening emblazoned down the front from Next, keeping to the bra I had been wearing all day.Image

Come 8pm, we joined the other girls downstairs in the basement bar waiting for the last of the stragglers before taking a taxi into town. Image

On arrival, whilst the girls entered Roxy’s, I walked across the road to the cash point to top up my spend. Waiting patiently behind a girl, I quipped on completion of her transaction that I hoped she hadn’t taken all the money. On completion of my transaction, the girl joined me and dragged me over to meet her friends. I was introduced to the bunch of girls out celebrating on a works do. They were fascinated with me and wanted to know all about me inviting me to join them in Walkabout, however, my friends were next door and I needed to get back.Image

Re-joining my friends, we were soon joined by the Blackpool girls and other T – girls upstairs on the balcony overlooking the street opposite The Litton tree.Image It was a great atmosphere catching up with everyone, especially for me knowing this would be the last time for the foreseeable future. Back inside, the bunch of girls I had met earlier joined us and we had several dances with one of the girls trying to play with my tonsils lol! – am happily married – I manage to get out but it didn’t seem to make much difference lol!

From there we moved on to a couple of other places before finishing the night in Mardi Gras night club.Image
Myself and my good friend Mandy

I got to dance with a girl who was from Wigan and as I am from St Helens originally, it was somewhat surreal as both town’s rugby league teams had played each other that day and as I had the game taped and hoped to avoid hearing the score so as to enjoy the game on my return the following day, this girl succeeded in telling me the result!!! She then grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into the ladies and proceeded to do her business in front of me with the door open !!!! – such a high class of girls from Wigan lol!! Image

Anyhow, approaching 4am, we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel and bed.

The following morning, I got dressed, had my breakfast and then recovered my car from where I had parked it Imagebefore changing back to guy mode for my return journey reflecting that it would be over six months before I returned to Blackpool. Another good weekend and one I could draw on in the coming months in the wilderness.

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