Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 1 of 7 days 24/7 or Sparkle d-5

Once again, I had taken a week’s holiday to spend quality time 24/7 as Emma. I chose the week beginning the 4th July culminating in Sparkle.

On the Monday morning I left home as a guy and arriving in Milton Keynes, made my first appointment for eyelash extensions with Sue Winters. The experience was pretty strange, lying on my back as the woman glued bunches of eyelashes to my existing lashes. After 25 minutes, she had finished and they looked pretty awesome. I then stripped off to my gaff and had a full body spray tan applied.

As I had to wear loose clothing afterwards, I quickly dressed as Emma, a black padded bra with fillets and my own flesh up top, gaff, long olive skirt and an orange stretch top completing the picture. With flats on my feet and wig in place, I paid the bill and bid Sue goodbye, leaving her salon as Emma and in the comfort of my car, quickly applied my make up and jewellery before joining the traffic on my way to London.

I had arranged during my last visit with Sue Richmond, to stay with her for a few days before driving North to Manchester and so it was that I arrived at Sue’s house in London, parking up and joining her for lunch just after 1230. Unloading my luggage, we enjoyed a quiet beer accompanied by a pork pie I had brought with me, discussing our plans and whom we had arranged to meet up with, before leaving for our appointment at a local saloon for pedicure and manicure.

Walking through the busy suburban streets on our way to the salon, I quietly savoured the feel of my ¾ length skirt flapping against my bare legs, the tap of my heels on the pavement and the slight breeze moving my earrings and hair against my neck. The sun was not too hot and we enjoyed the pleasant 20 minute stroll arriving for our appointments at 3-30pm.

Sue was having a manicure and her appointment was first so I sat legs crossed in the waiting area reading the magazines waiting for my later appointment. Sue had originally made the appointment for both of us in guy mode and after an initial pause the woman on the desk had booked us in. It was obvious that she was slightly apprehensive initially as we arrived but soon warmed to us and whilst Sue disappeared for her nails to be done, I enjoyed chatting to her whilst sipping a cup of tea and interacting with a number of women customers as they came and went.Image

In no time at all, the girl was ready for me and I enjoyed an hour of pampering as my feet were given the royal treatment and nails finished in a Revlon red. The girl it transpires was from Poland and had been living in London for 6 years and we got on really well discussing a wide range of topics from girly through travel and work.

After a good 90 minutes, my finger nails had been shape, cleansed and were now resplendid in a matching Revlon red though I was told that it was more fashionable to have them a different colour than my toe nails!

Bidding the ladies of the Salon goodbye we made our way back the scenic route taking in the river bankImage and some beautiful gardens on our way back to Sue’s, Imagestopping for the obligatory photos. Image

It was a beautiful feeling, my long skirt wrapping around my bare legs, the occasional breeze caressing me and the warm afternoon sun beating down on my thin top, the taste of lipstick on my lips, the smell of my perfume, the heavy feel of my lash extensions and the weight of my earrings dangling against my neck as we slowly strolled alongside the river chatting away as two girlfriends. We finished our river bank stroll with a glass of cool Pinot GrigioImage whilst watching the world go by on the terrace of a riverside pub.Image Finally we joined the increasing number of commuters on their way home as we returned to Sue's.

Back at Sue’s, a beautiful dinner was prepared by my hostess and as we sat down to enjoy, I opened a bottle of grand Cru 2004 St. Emilion that I had brought from my cellar (the garage really) to accompany the meal and to celebrate our first day of the week as Emma and Sue.

The remainder of the evening, we sat sipping wine chatting away, shoes having been kicked off, legs tucked up under us, catching up on our lives since our last meeting in April when we went to see Warhorse at the Theatre. As it got late, time for bed, undressed, make up off, moisturiser on and slipping into bed wearing a Janet Reger chemise, the end of my first day as Emma.

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