Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 2 It must be Portsmouth or Sparkle D-3

The continuing account of 7 days 24/7 as Emma

Waking up early on the Tuesday as Emma at Sue’s house in London, wearing my Janet Reger chemise and looking down at my bright red nails, I smiled and quickly made use of the bathroom before Sue got up.

For breakfast I slipped into a pair of shorts and t-shirt over my bra which again I chose to wear without any forms making use of a pair of fillets. Sipping a cup of tea in the kitchen, I waited for Sue as she got ready for our trip over to Portsmouth to visit Taz, Gemma and Angela.

Looking at the weather, I decided to wear a long beige A line skirt with green top, nude, bare legs to show off the spray tan and brown sandals to show off my pedicure.

Once ready, I grabbed my River Island bag, shades on the top of my head (one can be hopeful) and walked out to the car and programming the sat nav, we got on the road for Portsmouth.

The weather forecast said it would be sunny until 2pm and then rain – yeah who believes the weather forecasters?

We decided to go the scenic route and kept to the A3 on the way there and noted some lovely pubs we may try out on our return.

Arriving in Portsmouth, we found a car park behind the M&S near Commercial Road and having found a machine which would take our money! made our way to the agreed rendezvous with the others.

Strolling through the shopping centre that Tuesday morning, we received no second glances no nudge nudge etc, it was just a normal experience albeit one which gave me a nice glowing feeling within. Walking with a calf length skirt flapping against bare legs, looking down to see bright red toenails peeking out of my sandals and the feel of my earrings brushing against my neck, all contributing to the overall sense of achievement and contentment.

Back in the sunshine, we sat down by the fountain in front of Debenhams and contacted the others.Image A short while later, Angela arrived straight off the ferry, closely followed by Taz and Gemma from Gosport.

With a full compliment, and a requirement for a comfort break, we made our way to the café upstairs in Debenhams where we enjoyed some liquid refreshments and got up to speed with what was happening.Image
Gemma and Taz

First priority was some food and to this end we found a cheap little café just off the main shopping area where we ate. Just as we entered the establishment, we felt the first drops of rain – checking my watch – 2-15pm – so much for weather forecasting!

Suitably filled, we decided that we would check out Primark and all split up within the shop. It was a lovely feeling just wandering around, picking up clothes, feeling the material and checking out jewellery, shoes and bags without the usual fear when so doing as a guy. I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything – even off the sales rack though I was sorely tempted by a very short skirt in my size and some more jewellery.

Meeting up with Sue and with a while to go before we were to meet up with the others, we had a saunter around Debenhams where I fell in love with a gorgeous red cross fronted evening dress but again at £60 was beyond my budget. Whilst there I got a text from Taz to say they had to leave and so “Then There Were Three”.

I was on a mission that being to find a set of eyebrow templates to draw on new eyebrows. I had previously shaved off my existing eyebrows which because of the colour, no-one, even my wife had noticed! But I now needed some help in drawing new ones on each time I went out as Emma.

A couple of the women at the Boots store helped me find what I was looking for and I took advantage of a couple of offers they had on that time for cosmetics to replace my current favourite lipstick – Revlon 724 – a lovely shade of pink. This is my 3rd tube of this shade now. I guess this shows that I have become more set in my ways and found what suits me after all this experimenting as well as getting out as Emma more.

With Angela in tow, we decided to up anchor and make our way to the sea front where there was another set of shops and restaurants/bars to explore.

Parking up near the seafront, we became the source of attention of a group of teenage school girls passing by. The usual giggles were replaced by one of the girls approaching me and asking me for the time. Smiling I answered that she knew very well what the time was and if she was so interested in us why not just ask? At this she smiled as if in confirmation to her companions and I finished with a parting shot as they walked away “I love your uniform!” (Bottle green!) at which they quickened their step and disappeared around the corner.

Making our way down to the shopping centre, avoiding the puddles, I was lagging behind a touch as we were spotted and a guy turned to his girlfriend pointing out the fact but with a “I think” rather than a definite. I take that as a result, given three of us increases the odds of being spotted tremendously.

Close to the seafront we came across The Old Customs House which was now a pub and to get out of the rain we decided to stop there for a drink – not that we needed any excuse mind you.

It was very pleasant to sit there chatting away sipping our drinks surrounded by others young and old, eating and drinking. No side long glances etc. – it was just as it should be and reinforced my belief of greater acceptance within the “real world” and that we should all make that effort to overcome our inner doubts to go where you want to and when you want to presenting as you want to.Image

Finishing our drinks, we decided that having seen other customers eat, we should stop for a bite as well and so ordered a meal. ImageIt was very tasty and filled a hole in our bellys, washed down by another non alcoholic drink (I was driving). We then spent a pleasant hour wandering around the shops and Sue and Angela both came away with a few goodies, I was good and refrained from any purchase this time.

Finishing off our trip to Portsmouth, we stopped at a bar on the seafront for a coffeeImage before bidding Angela farewell as she proceeded to catch her ferry. Back at the car, Sue and I made our way back to London, where because of a lack of spaces I had to leave my car on the main road in a metered area (needed to get up early the following day to put money in).

We finished the evening having a chat over a bottle of wine and some food whilst reflecting on another day out in the “real world” doing what we wanted to do, before retiring to bed.

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