Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 3 - Brighton - Sparkle D-2

Waking at Sue’s on my 3rd day as Emma, I once again got ready early this time in a tight caramel coloured pencil skirt and white blouse, matching heels and whilst Sue got ready, I stepped out and visited the cash point for some more money, Imagecalled in at Superdrug for a face compact and then called at the Italian café for a coffee – all very normal and not an untoward glance even though the high street was busy with commuters. Lovely feeling sitting there amongst others enjoying a strong coffee, tight skirt caressing my nylon clad legs, the taste of lipstick and the coloured smudge left on the white porcelain cup, all reinforcing the image.

On my return, checking the weather forecast I changed into a slightly flared blue denim mini skirt and a vest, leaving my aloe vera impregnated natural tights on and wearing a pair of flats.

We arrived in Brighton mid morning and leaving the car on the prom, decided to start our visit with a coffee and breakfast snacks. Behind us on the nearest table were three old women one of whom on their departure wished us a good day. Not that we knew it at that time but we bumped into her three more times during the day leading me to suggest that they were stalking us!

Suitably refreshed, we made our way to the pier and explored the historic structure. ImageIt was quite windy but sunny and I had to concentrate on keeping my skirt held down at times.Image For lunch we stopped off at a bar half way down the pier and enjoyed a couple of bottles of Crabbies. Before leaving whilst washing my hands after a visit to the ladies, I had an interesting conversation with an old lady who had retired to Brighton many years earlier but who had originally lived near where I was born. Absolutely no issue whatsoever as we discussed many topics drying our hands.Image

Having satisfied our thirst, we decided to eat at Harry Ramsdens and enjoyed their speciality fish supper. The place was packed and we enjoyed fitting in just like any other customer.

Back at the pier, we enjoyed an ice cream cone whilst trying to keep our hair out of the way in the wind. ImageWhilst wandering back down the sea front we came across a crazy golf course and decided to have a go! The guy dealing with the payment and handing over the balls and irons was a bit stand offish but sod him, we joined the others, mainly families, on the 18 hole course.
I got off to a good start winning the 1st hole but gradually Sue took a commanding lead and finished a convincing winner though I did claim two hole in ones! Quite a few passing pedestrians stopped to watch us play. One problem I quickly learned how to deal with was bending down to retrieve my ball from the hole whilst wearing a short skirt – the answer was to perform almost a curtsey when bobbing down to pick the ball up.Image

Having had our fill of golf, we decided to try our hand at another sport that of shopping!

We went looking for the myriad of back streets full of quaint shops further inland. Finding them was harder than we thought but we finally ended up where we wanted just as the shops were closing. I managed to pick up some jewellery as did Sue and we both managed to resist the home made fudge though it was a close call!Image
Shops shut we decided to stop for a beer at The VictoryImage sitting outside on the pavement in the dying sunshine before making our way back to the car and our return to Sue’s where once more we enjoyed a lovely meal accompanied by wine, bottled beers and a couple of stiff G&Ts reflecting on another wonderfully normal day out and about as two women.

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