Monday, 22 August 2011

The Delights of Shopping

Taking advantage of the family being elsewhere, I decided to spend the day shopping at our local centre – Fosse Park, near Leicester. I took my wife’s Peugeot 207 as the family was using the Mondeo.

Due to not being able to leave the house dressed, it was once more, underwear, girly jeans on and top with a long tracksuit top covering up the embroidery on my jeans and my dark pink top.

Stopping off at my usual layby, I quickly added my fillets (wearing a suitable push up padded bra) and with my wig secure, swapped shoes and then applied my make up finishing off with my glue on nails. I had painted them a beautiful shade – soft toffee by Maybelline which we had purchased after having seen a young woman on the tube the day before wearing this shade.

Driving down to Fosse Park I stopped off at the services to check my overall presentation and endured the queuing that seems to be common during the holiday season for the toilets.

Happy with the overall look and my make up, I had a wander around the shop and picked up a bottle of water before back in the car rejoining the motorway for the short hop to Fosse Park

I parked up at the Marks and Spencer’s end of the car park and checking everything was in place made my way to my first port of call the “temple” of Marks and Spencers. I must admit to having an ulterior purpose as on the way I felt the under wire of my bra star digging into my side and realised that the fabric had given way.

Working my way through the lingerie section, I enjoyed the freedom of touching, looking picking up underwear without the guilty feeling of so doing as a guy. Not a sideways glance or nudge from any of the other women there including the bored guys watching whilst their partners were checking out the huge variety on offer. I even was lucky enough to overhear the comments of a young girl experiencing the delights of looking for her first bra in an adjacent aisle whilst looking for a replacement bra for myself. Again the father was singularly disinterested.

Having selected 4 bras I then joined the queue waiting outside the fitting rooms. I must admit that I did have a momentary worry that I may be asked to go elsewhere and the fact that a couple of guys were sat outside waiting for their partners to finish trying on their underwear was slightly daunting, however, my worry was unfounded as I was given a tag for 4 items and escorted to a cubicle and reminded that if I needed anything, to press the button for attention.

Top carefully off over my head, I tried the bras on, all 38Bs of various design configurations, one of which was not for me and whilst trying the 2nd one on I called for the woman to help. I showed her the one I thought seemed to be working and asked her opinion, at the same time as asking her to measure me. This resulted in her fetching a 40B from off the shop floor, which fitted better, but didn’t quite push my breast tissue into the right places. I explained the unique problem I had and we checked out the other two bras, one of which did what I wanted and the original one I had asked for her opinion on, also worked.

Just to make it more complicated, I kept the new bra on and went back to the counter to explain (in front of what felt like a crowd, including men) resulted in being escorted to the pay desk to purchase the two bras.

Now that I was comfortable again, I began checking out the clothes in earnest and soon had 2 skirts, a blouse and a red dress to try on. Once again, no problem as I was shown a cubicle and left to my own devices. The red dress was a beautiful fit in jersey material, but at £65 was not on my short list of wants. I finished by purchasing a black stretch fit skirt and a multicoloured blouse in a lovely satin type material.

Now, suitably thirsty – no air conditioning in the store and very warm in the changing cubicles, I stopped for a bite to eat and a drink. Chatting to the two women in the queue behind me we discussed the temptations of the cakes on the counter! on our way to the till and how warm the shop was.

As I sat at my table, people watching whilst nibbling at my sandwich, an older lady on the next stable struck up a conversation and we had a long chat whilst she was waiting for her niece to return. Once again, just normal social intercourse, it was almost too easy to forget how I was dressed and I remembered fondly that 1st time I had been shopping in daylight some 36 months previous in this very shopping centre and how my attitude and confidence had changed. That day in September, I had spent 7 hours in a skirt suit and 4” heels trying very hard not to have to talk to anyone whilst enjoying the thrill of shopping as Emma. Now here I was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, flats and chatting to just about anyone who struck up contact. How things change.

Having satisfied my hunger and thirst, I made one last sortie around the store until my eyes beheld a vision! – leopard print slip on shoe/boots with a 2” stiletto heel. With the blood rushing to my head I feverously looked on the shelves for a pair in size 8s and was rewarded when right at the back on the bottom shelf, I found them.

Rushing over to the nearby stool to try them on, I almost pushed a woman off as I sat down and yes, they fit! Trotting off to the cash desk, once more my card took the brunt.

Bags in each hand, I made my way back to the car and swapped my shoes for the new shoe/boots and re-fixed my make up before making my way back to the other shops for a more leisurely look in New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Next. No further purchases were made as I felt I had already been extravagant given that soon I would be leaving Emma behind for quite a while due to my new job.

In Boots, I picked up a replacement translucent face compact from Max Factor and two packs of working oval glue on nails from Kiss. Paying for them, the woman on the till commented on the nails and asked me how I found using them. As I explained; for the £6, I get 5 sets of complete nails which I can use twice, the nail glue if properly applied to the whole of the natural nail ensures that the nails stay in place and I cheat by painting them the night before whilst blutacked onto the heads of 6” nails fastened into a strip of wood. She then enquired whether my nails were the stick on variety and took a good look at them, complementing me.

Whilst strolling between shops, I took a call from my youngest who asked if I had any plans for dinner. Replying no, I was asked where I was and explaining that I was at Fosse Park, was asked to pick up something for dinner. No problem, back to the car, I re-parked by the large Asda and checking my face once more, left the car and walked into the maelstrom. The place was heaving as I picked up a basket and made my way around the aisles looking for inspiration. Finally, it clicked, thin crust cheese extravaganza and double pepperoni pizzas as a starter with fresh chicken and bacon and spicy sausage stuffed pasta with mascarpone sauce as a main meal.

I guess this was a first for me as I had never really been food shopping before, however, no problems, but whilst queuing at the till, the girl in front of me clocked me and nudged her friend who stole a glance over his shoulder. I smiled at them both and that was that.

Paying for my food, I exchanged pleasantries with the girl on the till and then made my way back to the car to finish off what most women would find a normal day but for me will remain a wonderful memory and also a reminder of what you are able to do, given the confidence and self belief.

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