Sunday, 15 February 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining

Well, what to say, an unexpected opportunity to be Emma again. Having got into work (site cabin in Wellingborough) for 9am, I had a rake of work to complete for my Director who was disappearing on a skiing trip to Canada on the next day.

Needless to say, the work took longer than was expected and as my Agent had left mid morning for a meeting in Kent and the men at 4pm I was left on my own working my way through the various reports etc. At 4-30pm my wife rang to tell me it was snowing at Loughborough and to be careful on my way home.

By 8pm, I was getting near the end when I got up to make a cup of tea and opened the cabin door to see snow everywhere!

Luckily I had left my car on the top of the ramp and on the main road or I would never have been able to drive my rear wheel drive car up the access ramp covered with snow!

Another 2 hours of work including telephone conversations with my Director left me deciding on whether to attempt the 55 mile drive home or to stay the night locally. Bearing in mind I still had all of Emma’s things in the car from the previous night, I thought that as the company would be picking up the bill, another evening as Emma, brief as it would be, couldn’t be missed.

I rang up my normal Travelodge at Towcester and was rewarded with speaking to the receptionist I was on first names with – she has always been most accommodating with my requests for a ground floor room near the entrance in the annex and I always ensure she and her daughters receive a Christmas present in return. Suffice to say she was able to fit me in and so I made my way over to Towcester.

With so little time left I decided that I would get dressed and just practise a few different make up styles in particular my eyes. In addition, I would prep another set of nails and varnish them.

Fully dressed and made up by midnight I was so tempted to go out but in reality there was no reason for me to be out and about at that time so I decided to have an early night and shoot out first thing in the morning before leaving for work.

The alarm woke me up at 5-15 and getting dressed as though for work I then had a coffee and used some of the time to sort out my clothes, skirts, tops, dresses, coats and underwear with a view as to working out what to wear to Manchester next Wednesday.

Anyway at 6-45 I left the hotel wearing my business suit and heels and over the top my full length overcoat and drove up to my local 24hr Tesco’s where I drew some money out from the cash machine along with half of the population of Northampton it seemed! The classic situation happened – no one anywhere near the cash point until you walk up to it and suddenly the other 3 machines are occupied and there is a polite queue of men and women behind you.

Walking into the bright lights and warmth of the store I confidently made my way around the aisles picking up and looking at the clothes and then over to the make up aisle where I tried on the various different lipstick testers on the back of my hand and had a good look at the various foundations on offer, before choosing a new Max Factor mascara, Revlon lipstick in a bright red! And an eyebrow pencil in blonde. Picking up some eye make up remover and an underarm roll on deodorant I made my way to the check out and joined the queue. I still am not that confident in using the self service checkout. Paying for the cosmetics completed with the usual small talk with the cashier, I made my way out into the daylight and across the car park to my car.

On the way back to my hotel I decided to stop at the services for a coffee and wee stop. At that time of the morning, the services were full of businessmen and women on their way to work and so dressed as I was, I fitted in fairly well. Sitting in Costa sipping a black coffee watching the world go by, it all seemed so natural and once again didn’t want the experience to end.

Popping in to the ladies for a quick pee, on my way out, I joined a number of women in the toilets where having completed my business, I washed my hands etc and joined another woman at the mirrors re applying my lipstick and brushing out my hair.

On leaving the toilets, I repaired to my car and then back to the hotel and room and proceeded to return to Bob.

Luckily my car was due for a service and so I was able to accommodate being an hour or two late into the office that and the fact that I put in 14 hour day the previous day.

With Emma’s clothes etc all tidy and sorted and back in my lock up, I made my way down to the BMW garage and my lift back to work.

That morning proved to be an expensive day (yes I know it was FRIDAY THE 13th!) as firstly, I had to have the lock of our front door replaced estimated cost £430! and then later in the day the good news that my car needed a new clutch and flywheel at a cost of £1,000+

As the car is a company car that was at least one bill I wouldn’t have to pay.

Emma xxx

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