Friday, 6 February 2009

Toe in the water

Well, having seen and avidly read a number of blogs by my girlfriends I have taken the plunge to start my own.

Over the next few months I will endeavour to learn how to drive the software and make my blog more interesting. Please feel free to join me in my exploration of this (for me) new way of communicating.

After a week of bad weather disrupting my travel to work, (shame I hear you say!) I find that we have no game tomorrow so will have to watch the England game with the rest of my team down at the club and perhaps partake in the odd drink or two.

Luckily, my trip North to Manchester on Wednesday turned out ok and I enjoyed a great evening with Lisa, Kate, Mrs Kate, Karen and Becky in the village starting in Trebica for a pre meal drink, a meal at Edens which was very nice, a few drinks at The Rembrandt with the Northern Concord girls and finished the evening off at Napoleon's. I even got to dance this time and remembered, although I am still not sure why the radiator that I was dancing next to was on and blasting out heat!

Having to drive prevented me from having any alcohol which the girls probably were thankful for having had to carry me back from Naps to my hotel at the end of the night of the Northern Angel's Christmas meal, no mean feat considering I am not the lightest on my heels, after drinking slightly more wine than I should have.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my good friends for rescuing me that evening and hope over time I can make it up to each and every one of them.

One of my over riding memories of the night was the manouevering within the confines of the ladies downstairs with a girl who was considerably wider than I (and I am not that svelte!) to enter one of the cubicles whilst avoiding another CD and another GG touching up their make up at the sink. All this in a room smaller than your standard ensuite. Something about swinging a cat comes to mind.

On leaving Kate, Mrs Kate and Karen I made my way back to my car. Walking on my own at 2am in the morning, I realised just how vunerable it feels wearing a dress, carrying a handbag and the metal tips on my heels advertising my presence to all and sundry within earshot.

Luckily this night I remembered where I had parked my car and was safely in with the doors locked within 10 minutes of leaving Napoleon's.

Don't take this the wrong way, whilst feeeling vunerable, I didn't feel threatened. In fact I have felt more threatened in other Cities as "Bob" than in the village.

This last week I have won at auction (E-Bay) three skirts and another pair of shoes. Despite my messages to the sellers that I wanted them delivered to my friend Alina's address, they somehow managed to end up at my home and under the watchful eye of my wife who is not aware of Emma (I think!)

Luckily the packages were non descript and the contents have now been secreted away until I can drop them off at my lock up with the rest of Emma's things.

I will finish now and look forward to meeting up with my girlfriends again in the village next Wednesday and June, our dance intructer from Ireland who is over visiting.



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Emma I hope you enjoy it.
    It was great to see you last Wednesday and I'm glad you got home ok.
    Hopefully see you again soon.
    Karen x

  2. Hi Emma great to find you on t'internet so to speak. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures although we seem to be sharing them so far! See you soon xx