Friday, 13 February 2009

Vouchers In Velvet

After two days of misery in driving to work and loads more snow, 3 hours Monday morning 2 hours Tuesday morning I finally got to the highlight of the week.

Another Wednesday evening in the village and Emma is out again. At the moment she is having a more active social life than Bob!

Driving up to my usual hotel, I was pleasantly distracted from the monotony of the 140 mile drive by working through my wardrobe in my head, trying to decide what to wear.

Last week, Kate’s purple leggings had certainly made a statement and then it came to me! I had recently purchased a lovely sparkly purple stretchy vest style top. Pairing it with another new acquisition – a short (for me) black pencil skirt and my heels from Faith I had decided on what I would be wearing that night with an hour or two to spare!

Arriving at my usual hotel, this time my room was near reception rather than the furthest room away from the entrance as it had been the previous week. A good job as well as I had brought an extra two cases with me this time due to not having decided what I would be wearing before I left.

Having arrived mid afternoon and with a few hours spare what can a girl do but go shopping! Well 90 minutes later and I was wearing my favourite combination – a business suit of pencil skirt and jacket in black and white blouse finished off with heels and a black handbag and to keep warm my full length woollen coat again in black.

Walking back through reception I smiled at the receptionist who was busy booking in another guest and a gentleman held open the door for me as I braved the cold outside.

Carefully sliding into the car elegantly I spoilt it all by promptly trapping my coat in the door!

I made my way up to the big M&S store off the M62 near Warrington and spent a pleasant hour looking at the clothes and underwear. Having very little money worked effectively in preventing me buying a suit jacket in blue £45 which would go perfectly with a skirt and shoes I have. It will have to wait until payday!

Arriving back at the hotel I had to park a little away from the entrance and had to walk across what was quite a busy car park (adjacent to and used for the Lymm Services). The reception area was busy too with a number of guests booking in. Bold as brass I breezed in (when you think it was only less than a year ago that I would only go out late at night and cross the road to avoid passing anyone I came across)

Back in the room and stripped down to underwear I changed my eye make up for more of an evening look and squeezed into my new skirt. 2” above my knee – that should be interesting! With my new top on I realised that to prevent the straps migrating through the evening and exposing my bra straps that I would have to use some double sided tape. Now without wearing nails it was difficult to get the backing off the tape but with my nails already in place it proved nigh on impossible! Nevertheless I persevered and finally was happy that the shoulder straps of my top were going nowhere!

In addition to my new top and skirt, I was also wearing a new shade of pink lipstick from Chanel. I must admit I just love the texture and shades from the Chanel range. Admittedly they tend to be quite expensive compared to other brands but I feel they are worth it for staying power and the way your lips feel and look when wearing a Chanel lipstick.

Driving into Manchester just after 6pm, looking down I realised that my short skirt was nowhere to be seen and that I would have to be especially careful when getting out of the car in Manchester.

Arriving at my normal parking place in Minshull Street I came across a problem – nowhere to park! I assume it was because I was earlier than normal so I carried on around the block – or so I thought until I seem to have ended up on Mancunian way again going in the wrong direction. I blame my sat nav as it tried to get me to turn right twice at junctions that stated no right turns!!

Anyhow, on my second circuit of Manchester I found a parking spot and bearing in mind the state of my skirt, carefully extricated myself in a ladylike manner and straightening everything out on the pavement locked the car and made my way up to Canal Street and onwards to Trebica where we were meeting for pre dinner drinks.

I was the first to arrive and so having ordered a white wine spritzer elected to perch myself on one of the tall stools close to the bar where I could watch for the girls arriving.

Trying to juggle an overcoat, handbag, a drink and a short skirt proved to be an interesting task and one I had just managed to accomplish when Kate and Mrs Kate arrived.

Shortly afterwards, June followed by Lisa and her sister joined us and Astrid and her partner (sorry I didn’t catch her name) made up the eight ladies dining.

The meal at Velvet was very good, made even better by the fact that Lisa had vouchers which reduced the cost for our group by £70. The combi starter was very tasty albeit a little messy to eat and I chose calves liver and bacon on mashed potato which I was unable to finish due to the corset I was wearing!

After the meal we repaired to the Northern Concord upstairs at the Rembrandt where I became member 201. Sadly, Kate was not feeling too well and decided to leave with Mrs Kate for an early night.

Myself and June decided to continue onto Napoleon’s as Lisa and her sister departed.

Having put my coat behind the bar, I returned to find that June had met the only other Irish girl in town also from Dublin I think! And I was left trying to work out just what it was they were talking about having dropped the use of at least 8 letters of the alphabet whilst speaking in “Irish”

In the absence of Kate and Mrs Kate’s enthusiasm to get up and dance we made do with sitting downstairs chatting and getting to know more about each other. Having put the world to right and avoided the advances of a number of gentlemen, we finally called it a night and June was kind enough to accompany me to my car.

On leaving Napoleons, I got talking to one of the bouncers who informed us that next Wednesday there would be some costume jewellery for sale and he showed me a selection of larger rings and some bracelets which looked pretty fine.

Back at the hotel at 2am – time to lose Emma and back to Bob for a 5-30 am start. Oh joy of joys, almost 2 hours of sleep after removing my make up and packing.

Never mind, next Wednesday will be here soon enough.

Emma xxx

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