Saturday, 21 February 2009

Three Wednesdays on the run – Emma has never had it so good.

As my car was in the garage to have it’s clutch replaced, I was driving a BMW X3 – nice feeling and a nice drive although it had had a “slagging” off in the car press as being “too girly!”

Driving up once more to Manchester I had it in my mind as to what I would be wearing and that I would get a chance to have a run out to M&S over at the Gemini park off the M62 before meeting up with the girls in Manchester.
On the way, I finally managed to get through to the hotel reception to arrange for a room near reception (once more I was travelling with far too much baggage) only to find out that they had no knowledge of my booking!!!

Fortunately, there were vacancies and on arrival was allocated a room just within the entrance allowing me to de camp relatively easily.

Choosing a business suit of blue pencil skirt, blue heels and white blouse, with my grey woollen jacket on top and understated daytime make up, I walked out of the hotel and into my car and managed to get into M&S for 5pm. I spent a pleasant hour wandering around the clothes and underwear and ended up purchasing a new silk blouse in a metallic yellow / brass finish and a new blue suit jacket. I even tried on two skirts whilst there but chose to stick with the jacket and blouse purchase.

Realising the time, I shot back to my hotel through reception which somehow was filled by a couple of families booking in. I was certainly given the once over by two of the teenage girls but managed to keep calm and smiled back at them as I slipped through and to my room.

I quickly got changed and then got changed again and finally a third time before I was happy with my look! So much for having decided what I would be wearing before I went out! Eye make up and lipstick changed for the evening and shoes and handbag including contents changed twice! now running late I finally left the hotel for Manchester.

Driving into Manchester I arrived at my usual parking street to find once again no available places so I carried out a second circuit of the village and still no spaces, I was left with leaving the car in Charles Street.

As I was walking up Sackville Street to Tribeca’s I came up behind, Kate, Mrs. Kate and Mandy and we joined up with Tina and Justine and the other girls in Tribeca’s.
There were 11 of us for the meal at Velvet – once more taking advantage of the discount vouchers for February but we noticed that the excellent combi starter we had last week was no longer on the menu!

Nevertheless, the food was really nice, my choice this week being the lamb cutlets on a bed of mint flavoured risotto rice which despite the corset I was able to finish.

One of the downsides of my choosing a slightly longer wig this week was the need to keep my hair out of my mouth and from sticking to my lipstick at frequent intervals!

After Velvet we all made our way to Rembrandts and met up with some of the other Manchester Concord girls at the weekly meet upstairs.

From there, we made our normal pilgrimage to Napoleon’s and settled in for the rest of the night.

First on the dance floor was Kate and Mrs. Kate and I got warm just watching – yet again the radiators were on. Generally, I thought it was a lot quieter than last week though.

After a couple of mineral waters, I was up for a dance and joined Kate on the dance floor. Determined as I was, and despite my shoes pinching, we danced for a while (beats the cross trainer in the gym for exercise!) but was quite grateful when Kate eventually suggested we stop for a drink!

Finishing off downstairs we had a nice chat until at 2ish we decided to call it a day or should that be a morning!

Walking back to Charles Street, my shoes were letting my feet know that they were there! At the pay machine, Kate paid for their car and when Mandy tried to pay the machine came up with an error and kept her money! I then walked down to the other machine at the front of the car park and secured my release ticket whilst the others were waiting for the support staff to turn up.

On exiting the car park I was stopped by security who wanted to know if I was ok!! – well yes so long as they moved their van out of the bloody way! – I suppose driving a BMW X3 out of a car park at 2-30 in the morning dressed as I was may have seemed suspicious! But! I suspect that if I had really needed help they would have been nowhere near!

Weaving my way out of Manchester, I drove back to my hotel and parking up, regained my room at 3am after having to walk past a group of lads outside the MacDonalds opposite the Travelodge on my way from the car.

Up at 5-30am and on the road for 6am with great memories to sustain me – that and a four pack of red bull!! until next time.

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