Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It’s Monday – it must be Teela’s

Being a “man of leisure”, I thought I would be able to drive up to my hotel arriving at 3pm to get changed and over to Teela’s to help her get ready for the night.

Wrong, I had forgotten that my daughter was home on exam leave and I therefore had to wait until 1pm before organising my case etc. I then shot into town to pick up a couple of pies and a new razer and make up wipes before finally getting onto the road and following an artic for 11 miles on a long windy country road heading for the M1

Despite the initial delays, I still managed to check in for 3-45pm and quickly decided on what to wear. I had recently taken delivery of a new full length overbust corset from Vollers and it was into this I endeavored to secure myself. Once I had reached a point at which I couldn’t tighten the laces anymore, I tied them off and then struggled to bend over to pull on my knickers and tights! – memo to self, put underwear on before corset!

I decided to go with my new denim pencil skirt and top from M&S. After shoehorning myself into the skirt, fastening the button and pulling the zip up, whilst lying on my back, breathing in, (despite the corset!) I was then faced with having to move the skirt round through 180 degrees to position the zip at the back.

At least the top was a looser fit and went well with the skirt. To complement the red top, I chose my red heels and finished off with my blue casual jacket.

Make up complete, I walked out of my room past reception which had a number of guests booking in and out to my car. The tightness of the skirt caressed my legs at each step and was quite sensuous.

On trying to get into the driver’s seat in a ladylike manner, I failed miserably due to the combination of a tight full length corset and the skirt, luckily there was only an Asian lady within watching distance of my manoeuvring and a businessman on his mobile. Having finally inserted myself into the car, I carefully drove off and arrived at Teela’s for 6-30pm – so much for getting there early to help!

Getting out of the car was almost mission impossible but I managed it, I think everything had loosened up a little an I carefully walked over to the entrance.

As well as the more usual visitors, we had two new girls out for the first time and Suzanne managed to be there again.

Dressed as I was, I was careful not to end up sitting on one of the low slung sofas and restricted myself to a standard sit up and beg chair.

Tina, Justine, Mandy, Dianne were there and Kate joined us a little later and finally Lisa in bob mode dropped in after work at the back end of the evening.

After 3 cups of tea and an earlier coffee at the hotel, I finally had to address the tricky problem of going to the toilet. Ten minutes later, I re-joined the girls somewhat more comfortable and certainly more wiser regarding choice of clothing!

Once more as the evening came to an end , time to wish Kate a Happy Birthday for this coming weekend (unfortunately I can't join the girls as I am already out with my wife that Saturday) and to make arrangements to meet up with Karen on the following Saturday in Manchester.

Dianne has tentatively made arrangements with Teela to run a minibus down to Pink Punters in September, somewhere my wife and I can join them as we live within 70 miles.

Once more back to the hotel and as I only needed to be back home for an 11 40am appointment at the Job Centre, I made use of the time and put on a mini fashion show taking numerous piccies in the process.

Getting up early the following morning I dressed in a business suit and walked out of the hotel to the shop next door to pick up a newspaper and sandwich. Going through reception, at 6-30am, I was surprised to see a young lady behind the desk chatting to a young lad who wished me good day to which I mumbled a hasty reply. On re entering reception, the lad told me to smile and I grinned back asking him what he wanted from me at 6-30am! I am sure they must have had a chuckle after I left them.
Anyway, after changing back and a hot shower, packed etc I was on the road by 9am joining the thongs - oops throngs! on the M6 heading South.

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