Monday, 11 May 2009

A weekend out and about with the wife

Following on from my disclosure of Emma to my wife of 25 years, some 5 weeks ago and the first time she met Emma last Wednesday, we booked into The Atrium in Manchester for Saturday night and paid the additional money for a late check out on the Sunday.

The idea to go out with Emma was my wife’s as I would not have suggested such a trip so soon after meeting me as Emma in the flesh for the first time.

We both were quite nervous as we drove up to Manchester after a couple of hours shopping in Leicester during which I purchased another pair of jeans with 32” leg this time. The previous day we had had fun spending the morning trying on and choosing outfits for the two days, so we managed to get away with one suitcase.

Booking into the apartment, we split up into the bedroom where my wife got ready and the bathroom where I got ready. My wife did not want to see me get ready before I had my wig on and so this split of the space worked well.

Before we started, my wife gave me a pedicure and painted my toenails a nice shade of dark pink. This was the first time I had ever had painted toenails!

For the initial part of the day (late afternoon) I wore a tight pair of jeans and a black tunic with red, pink and white flowers on over a tight under wired black bra with fillets in which combined with my own flesh gave a convincing cleavage. On my feet I wore a pair of wedge sandals showing off my painted nails.

Once ready, we rode the lift down to reception and walked out past reception and onto the streets of Manchester both of us nervous for different reasons. My wife for accompanying her husband dressed as a woman and for me, worried how my wonderful wife would cope.

It was about 4ish and despite my reassurances to my wife, there were a lot of people milling around and no other obvious t-girls out that early, far more tourists!.

We strolled together up Canal Street in the late afternoon sunshine – yes sunshine (considering it was supposed to be raining!) until we reached Taurus where I had decided we would start our adventure.

Made welcome by the bar staff, “ladies, table for two!”, we decided to partake of the happy hour tariffs and ordered a cold bottle of Pinot Grigio to accompany the BBQ ribs – a lipstick killer! and the humous.

Sitting there together sipping wine, nibbling the food, we enjoyed the ambiance and engaged in wide ranging conversation revolving around my presence as Emma and the village and social scene.

The food was wonderful as I expected and my wife and I enjoyed the shared experience. Sitting behind us was a family with children and mixed groups all around as the venue was particularly busy.

One bottle down we decided that at £6 a bottle, it would be churlish not to have another. Anyway, my wife by now was far more relaxed and we slowly finished off the 2nd bottle. By now, a number of T girls had arrived at Taurus and my wife was taking it in her stride. So far so good!

As time was ticking, settling the bill for less than £25, we made our way back down Canal Street which by now had a number of girls out and about, and returned to our apartment to get ready for the evening.

Going through a busy reception was easier for my wife this time and we quickly got ready for the evening. We both put on a pretty dress and changed our make up for the evening. I decided to wear a pair of black KG peep toe heels to show off my painted nails with a LBD and black blazer and handbag.

Once again strolling through reception despite the presence of a number of families, was easier and we made the street by 8ish. I had decided that early evening we would go for a drink at Tribeca and so we made our way down to Sackville Street and entering into the bar, I was struck by the mix of customers. Normally when eating with the normal gang of girls on a Wednesday night, we meet for pre meal drinks in Tribeca and so in some respects I expected the usual mix of clientele – but not this night, it appeared very much a normal bar mix of groups. No problem, we ordered white wine spritzers and made our way upstairs to the mezzanine floor where we sat down in the midst of several young mixed groups of drinkers.

Once again, it seemed so natural sitting there in a pretty dress and heels chatting and sipping drinks with my wife. The fact that 5 weeks ago, my wife didn’t have a clue about Emma!

After 2 -3 drinks we got chatting to another Emma who was out with some of her friends for the evening. All too soon, it was time to move on and whilst my wife needed the toilet before leaving, I took advantage and joined her making use of the mirrors to re apply my lipstick adjacent to 3 girls and Emma. Not once was any eyebrows raised and we continued to chat whilst repairing the face and brushing out my hair.

Leaving the bar, we finally made our way to Napoleon’s. The supreme test of acceptance!

It was funny to see my wife having to pay to get in whilst my entrance was free. The bar was very busy and noisy and checking our jackets in we made our way downstairs and found a settee to chill out on with soft drinks by now.

We spent a pleasant hour people watching as the normal mix of girls, admirers etc passed through the downstairs bar. Finally we decided to check out the dance floor but decided that enough was enough and partly due to the drink but probably the stress my wife had incurred through the day’s experiences, tiredness won the day and at 2 in the morning we made our way back to the apartment passed all sorts of groups of revellers including at least one hen party.

Heels clicking as we made our way through reception, we retired to the comfort of our room and I returned to Bob mode (well apart from the candy pink finger and toe nails!) as I had promised. What a day!

Waking early on the Sunday, and with a coffee in me we both got ready for a day of shopping. I wore my new full length denim skirt and white top with blue jacket and cream heels. My wife – far more sensible than me chose jeans and top and wedge sandals.

Make up understated for the day, we made our way downstairs and walked over to the NCP car park where we had parked and shared a lift up to our floor with an elderly couple!

We drove over to Cheshire Oaks – a retail mall on the Wirral where I usually go as Emma when over Teela’s and where the previous weekend, whilst I was away on rugby tour, my wife had taken my youngest daughter to, to choose a prom dress and accessories.

Our first stop was the brasserie where we had breakfast. Fuelled up, we then walked the entire circuit of shops, sauntering into many on our journey. I purchased a new evening bag to go with my blue dress and heels I am wearing this coming Wednesday in Manchester, I treated my wife to a new leather bag from Tula’s. In La Sensa, my wife picked up two new bra’s and I purchased a control slip and knickers in black and cream. I also picked up a new red skirt whilst my wife bought a new purse.

With feet throbbing, we sat down outside of Millies Cook shop and had a coffee and cookie. Certainly no place for shrinking violets as we were right in the open next to the though way and a major road crossing. Whilst on the surface my wife seemed calm and controlled, afterwards I learned that she was far from comfortable. For myself, I find that turning down the sensitivity meter, I was oblivious to comments (if there were any made!) and the odd stare. My wife was on this first time, hyper sensitive and it drained her. Every credit to her that she didn’t just abandon me and run back to the car!

The only time I felt mildly uncomfortable during our 5 hours of shopping on a busy Sunday in the sunshine, was whilst hanging around in La Sensa whilst my wife tried on the bras. I was certainly the subject of a group of young girls in the store and it didn’t help that it was particularly warm and I had to keep my perspiration under control and try to keep my foundation in one place!

Once more back in the car, it became evident in our conversation of the stress that this shopping trip with Emma had caused her. Emotionally drained, we arrived back in Manchester and back in the room, I changed back whilst my wife made a cup of tea.

30 minutes later, we were leaving the apartment as we first arrived, a happy married couple who had just shared a pretty extraordinary weekend!


  1. Wow Emma sounds like you had an amazing and action packed week-end. I am so sorry we missed out on joining you.....heres to the next time
    Lots of love to you both
    Medals all around!! xxx

  2. hi emma,
    you dont do things by halfs do you ! naps i really want to know what she thinks of that place.sound like it went very well.but there is probrably a lot more to come for you both.
    i like reading your blog ,reminds me of my earlier days.
    take care
    love jane

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