Tuesday, 5 May 2009

T for two

Last Wednesday I was late leaving work after only getting into work late having been to the Building Society to discuss agree strategy re my forthcoming unemployment

I got to the hotel at 6-30pm due to heavy traffic on the M6 and leaving late and as I was meeting Kate and Mrs Kate at Taurus for 7-30pm I didn't have much time.

Luckily, (or should that be unluckily) Kate had had a bad day and only got home at 7pm and also was running late so we agreed a later time to meet - 8-30pm

I managed to leave the hotel by 8pm and got to the village for 8-30pm only to find there were no available parking places off street - so after 3 times round the block I decided to put my car in the 24hr park at the top of Canal Street which cost me £5 and then made my way to Taurus.

Kate and Mrs Kate had by now arrived and had order their starters which I then shared before plumping for the Cajun Salmon.

By the time we had finished, it was quite late and so we didn't call into Manchester Concorde but went straight to Naps.

It was really great to bump into June and Penelope over from Ireland and Jayne who was positively walking on air since starting her RLE. However, it was a strange sort of atmosphere there that night and after a bit of dancing, we retired downstairs, finished our drinks and departed.

On my way back up Canal Street I was approached by a girl from a mixed party asking where I was going and where was the nearest party! "Back to my car" I said and pointed back down the street (it was 1-30am!) she seemed to think I would know!

Back at the car I was propositioned by this drunken guy. I suggested he did something else (certainly not ladylike!)and got in my car for the return trip to the hotel!.

I stayed in Emma mode overnight having cleaned my make up off and moisturised!

I made use of a nighty I have had for some time with glue on forms.

Getting up, I dressed in a pencil skirt, chemise and gold blouse and cream heels. Understated makeup completed, I packed and trundled my luggage to the car avoiding various business men checking out and then drove over to M&S at Gemini where I spent an hour checking out the clothes and finally choosing a new perfume. At 10am I walked over to the cafe and ordering myself a coffee sat down waiting for Mrs. Kate.

Bang on 10am, Mrs. Kate arrived and we sat down having a chat over our drinks. On finishing, we took my car over to Cheshire Oaks and had a very pleasant morning in and out of the shops. I was pretty good for most of the day purchasing a new bra and knickers (black) from M&S and a beautiful full flouncy denim skirt (14) which falls to 6" above my ankles in Roman Originals. The woman on the changing cubicles was ever so pleasant and made me feel really at ease even though two women in the next cubicles were discussing hot flushes!at the time

Mrs. Kate purchased a new bag and we then went over to Teela's where we had a coffee and chat before returning to the fray!

I can't begin to explain how wonderful if felt shopping with Mrs. Kate - far too natural!

Late afternoon, we stopped at the brasserie and ordered an afternoon tea for two - sandwiches, cake, scones and a pot of tea. We obviously set a trend in that a few other couples ordered the same after we received ours!

After filling our faces, I realised that my old handbag (a £6 special from Asda's years ago) was showing signs of distress so I decided to treat myself to a new leather one!

I think I must have caught Mrs. Kate's enthusiasm for bags as I ended up buying one which started life at over £175 but I managed to buy for a mere £77!!!

I am however very pleased with it.

With the final purchase made and my feet screaming at me, we made our way back to Teela's for me to change. the end of a great day - my thanks to Mrs. Kate for making it so.

Hopefully the next time around the Oaks, Kate and my wife maybe able to accompany us and make it really special.

Emma - a girl who likes to shop!

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