Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Teela’s with her foot up!

It only seems like yesterday that I was over at Teela’s for the monthly tea and then a day as her secretary, but what a month it has been.

Telling the wife about Emma two weeks ago and then being made redundant the following day and Teela having returned to hospital for her ankle to be re-set!

Making my way up to Warrington, I was intending to get ready and spend a couple of hours shopping at Cheshire Oaks before joining Tina and Kate and the rest of the girls at Teelas. However as I still had my case and overnight bag with me in the car since the previous Wednesday I was faced with a slight dilemma regarding a suitable jacket to wear shopping. My black jacket was a tad too fancy for daytime shopping, my animal print jacket was a definite no no for daytime anywhere and my blue casual jacket didn’t go with the skirt and shoes I intended wearing. What’s a girl got to do?

Finally having tried on numerous combinations I decided on my multicoloured blouse predominantly red and one of my favourite grey pencil skirts with a small fishtail detail to the rear. On my feet, a new pair of red heels (4” of course!) and on my legs, glossy hold ups in neutral shade. Regarding the jacket, I had to go for my black one and made a point of visiting M&S for my first port of call.

I was in luck as I soon found a single breasted black suit jacket reduced to £24 which together with a new red blouse and chemise I purchased, returning to my car and changed jackets!

Thus attired I returned to the fray. The place was busier than I thought including more than the normal share of feral teenage girls! But I managed to survive, even trying on a pair of shoes in Kurt Geiger – I’m afraid to report that my ankles together with my purse, breathed a collective sigh of relief as I returned them to the shop assistant with the comment “some other time”

Having popped into Roman Originals I returned to the car and then back to Teelas to join the girls for what turned out to be a well received lecture on skin care. I must admit that I am still learning this part of being a woman although in the current climate, skin care seems to be more and more taken up by men, including myself as I always moisturise after shaving these days.

Who should be at Teela’s for the first time but Suzanne. Her first time out proper, well done, Tina and myself had been trying to arrange a trip out for Suzanne for several months but to no avail.

I took advantage of being at Teela’s to try on and purchase another wig in the same style as my last one – an “Emma” but in a lighter shade. I guess I have spent more on wigs for Emma now than I have ever spent on hair products for Bob!

All to soon the evening came to an end and Suzanne, Mandy and Tina disappeared upstairs to change leaving myself and Kate chatting with Teela.

Back at the hotel, time to change and in bed - early for a change (1pm!) setting the alarm for 5-15am – back to work after a fairly momentous Easter break!

Roll on the 29th when I am back in Manchester again.

Emma xxx

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  1. Hi Emma,
    remember me? I'm so glad things are going well for you in general, and that you found the courage to tell all to your wife, as you thought she apears to have been supportive towards you. I'll look forward to reading a few more entries onto your blog with interest.
    Love Jenny x