Monday, 20 April 2009

12 days down the line

Here I am writing the next post of my blog some 12 days after telling my wife about Emma.

Her response is superb and just as I had hoped. Knowing someone for 26 years does give you an inkling as to how she is going to react to something as momentous as my confession to being a crossdresser. - make no apology for the label I use - my preference!

Whilst the progress was originally to be in small steps, in some instances, the progress has been in huge strides. Yes, there are a few issues which we still need to address but we have a timetable in place for these and a plan!

Progress to date:-

1) Meeting up with my good friends Kate and Mrs Kate and Tina and Nickie, Kate, Tina and myself in Bob mode.

2) Sharing some underwear and make up

3) Agreeing to join Emma at Sparkle for the three days

4) Agreeing to go out for the 1st time with Emma for a meal with Kate and Mrs Kate and Tina and NIckie in the village - to be arranged.

5) Talking about just about everything - expectations, joys etc - I know you all know me as somewhat "gobby" but I have never talked so much with my wife in so short a time - the result being a level of acceptance that I could only previously have dreamed of having.

6) Wishing me a good time out with the girls in Manchester (a week after disclosure) and again this evening when over at Teelas. I had offered not to go as the room had been booked some time ago when I was under the weather having just been advised of my likely redundancy. Again, my wife gave her ok for me to go.

7) We have decided to go out together once a month and to re-vamp her wardrobe to celebrate her losing some 21 lbs and getting down to a size 10 bottom.

8) Our marriage despite having had a full house these last two weeks is more like when we first got married.(Please let me have some sleep!!)

9) My wife joining The Angels and having full access to my blog and e-mails and forum posts

10) My wife is now looking at an increasing number of my pictures without the initial reaction and is now able to comment on them.

The major hurdle yet to be overcome is meeting Emma in the flesh. I am also bricks at this prospect but know we need to do it to move on.

I now have two weeks of work before leaving my present company. Hopefully, I will be offered one of the jobs I am currently pursuing.

Fingers crossed.

For those of you at Teela's tonight, see you later (planning a trip around the Cheshire Oaks first - need a new perfume.


Emma xxxx


  1. oh Emma, I am so happy for you both. :)

    Be aware though, that there may well be ups and downs, often because of "third party" opinions that one's partner hears or reads, which can lead to doubt where there was none before.

    So both of you may need to keep your seatbelts on for a bit, because the bumps may not be over yet...


  2. Well done to you both - Looking forward to seeing you both again your wife is wonderful!