Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Backwards In Heels - A Night Of Dancing (part 2)

Back at the apartment, controlled mayhem ensued as we three girls all manoeuvred around the available mirrors touching up make up and stepping out of jeans, skirts etc and putting on our best frocks. Of course, as I was still deciding which dress to wear, I had to try on 3 different dresses before reverting back to my new black one and the chance to wear my new animal skin effect jacket from Roman Originals!

Finally, we were all ready and looking the part, we departed for Trebica where everyone was meeting for pre dance drinks. On the way through the early evening pedestrian traffic we saw Kate and Mrs. Kate, Karen and Diane on the other side of the road making their way to the Shang Hi and so changed direction and joined up for the short walk to the venue.

Not having to drive for a change, I was able to join the other girls for a glass of wine before making our way downstairs to start the evening of dancing.

Once more I partnered Tina as June re-visited the dances we learned at the first dance evening in January. Staring with the social foxtrot this time, remarkably most of the steps came back once the music started and even the new girls quickly caught on.

I am still waiting for a chance to try this dance out with my wife one night and surprise her with my new found knowledge! Just hope I remember to lead that’s all!!

Following on from the Social Foxtrot we had a go with that “German dance!” – A Yearning Saunter! – well, this caused some consternation in the ranks as we all gamely tried to follow in June’s precise footsteps. I for one struggled to get a feel for the rhythm of this dance and when attempting the crossover steps managed to swap seamlessly between the male steps and female steps much to the confusion of poor Tina.

Soon enough, we stopped for our meal and having repaired our make up climbed the stairs and joined the restaurant’s other guests to enjoy our meal. This time, due to not wearing my corset, I was able to enjoy somewhat more of the excellent cuisine on offer.

We must have caused somewhat of a stir with the other diners as we all walked up to the counter in our finery to help ourselves to the fine selection of Chinese food on offer.

Suitably filled and having enjoyed a good chat with the girls on our table we returned to the dance floor for the second session.

Kicking off with a return of the barn dance to Bring It All Back by S Club 7 Tina we all got in the swing of this energetic dance, made more interesting by the 4” heels I was wearing! We spent most of the time trying not to over run the couple in front of us and to avoid spinning into the couple to our side, but what fun. Unfortunately the song still is ringing in my ears several days afterwards and I doubt I will ever be able to listen to the song without bursting into a wide grin as I remember what I was wearing whilst dancing the last time I heard the song.

As the clock approached midnight, it was time for us to disperse and Tina, Mandy and I trotted back to our apartment (a mere 2 minutes away) and got changed for a close encounter of the Napoleon’s kind!

At last I got a chance to wear my glittery dress which fitted where it touched and teamed it with my white shoes embellished with metalwork. Walking back through the foyer, I felt a million dollars as we met a number of guests returning just as we were going out again!

Back at Napoleon’s, Tina was afforded the ultimate accolade when she was initially asked to pay to get in! Wow! Good on you Tina.

Inside, we met up with most of the other girls and ended upstairs by the dance floor. I joined Kate, Mrs Kate and Karen on the dance floor for a boogie until my toes told me that they were no longer functioning! Why do beautiful shoes have to hurt so much!

I decided to have another drink and sit down. Adjacent to me, I got chatting to a girl (gg) from North Wales, a nurse over with a gang of friends visiting the village for the first time. We got on really well and before you know it, I was invited back to her hotel! – as I explained at the time – I am happily married and although flattered, sadly declined the kind offer! Although I did invite her back to look us up at Sparkle in July!

I am not sure about Saturday but my bottom was fondled or pinched so many times and two men were very complimentary about my new jacket! I even had a proposal from a guy who was with a girl just leaving one of the toilets! I guess it must be Saturday nights!

Re joining Mandy and Tina, we gradually made our way downstairs as they closed off the top floor and several drinks later decided at 5-30ish to return to our apartment after having several piccies taken.

Heels ringing, we made our way through the foyer past a bored guy half asleep on reception and back to our apartment bringing to an end a superb day spent with a great bunch of girls and in particular my girlfriends, Tina and Mandy.

Emma xxx


  1. hi emma,
    glad you are having fun,really nice to meet ypou again.i should explain to your followers that if you are "Trans" you dont pay to get into Naps wheras men & Real girls (RG,GG) have tina got the ultimate compliment there.

  2. sorry, I assumed that every reader was aware of the significance of my statement - one day perhaps it will be me!

    Emma xxx