Tuesday, 21 April 2009

With Permission

Last Wednesday, I met up with the gang once again for dinner in Manchester, but with one big difference – the tacit approval of my wife.

No more lies / fibs etc., no more hiding everything and ensuring a robust “alibi’s” in place.

Driving up to my hotel, I had an idea as to what I was going to wear but as usual had to pack several alternatives – just in case!

I finally plumped for a short stretchy tight shiny black skirt (you tart!) with a crochure style cream top over a camilsole, black peplum style blazer, dark brown tights and black heels with a matching cream trim.

Nearly ready, Tina arrived at the room to get ready. After a coffee, and bang on 6pm we left the hotel and this time I got a lift in with Tina.

Unfortunately, the route I suggested (this being my normal way into Manchester) turned out to be congested and instead of a 25 minute drive, it was more like 50 minutes in heavy traffic!

Arriving in the vicinity of the village, due to it being later than normal, we found a parking spot quickly and closer to Canal Street. Walking down to our pre meal meeting house – Trebica I managed to leave a shoe behind in a crack in the pavement!

Luckily no damage apart from my pride! Despite us being late, we were the first to arrive and drinks in hand settled in on the balcony to watch for the rest to arrive.

One by one our gang congregated including Emma on only her 2nd outing, Mandy, Kate and Mrs Kate. Waiting as we were for Lisa, I then almost made a fatal error, I rang Lisa on my mobile and was asking her whether she had been caught in the traffic and was going direct to Taurus (where we were planning to eat) when I realised that I was in fact speaking to one of my rugby team! Luckily, I had said nothing particularly incriminating when I realised what had happened. – Phew!

Moving on to the Taurus, we met up with the final couple of girls of our party of 14 and enjoyed a very nice meal which for once I was able to accompany with a glass or two of wine.

We then visited the Rembrandt and the rest of the Manchester Concord girls before making our way, as is the custom, to Napoleons.

It was a lot quieter than the previous Saturday, presumably because it was mid week. I got up and joined Kate and Mrs Kate on the dance floor and there I was minding my own business when a woman joined me and separating me from Kate and Mrs Kate grabbed hold of me and started dancing “cheek to cheek” including twirly bits!!

I lasted about 10 minutes and then not having been rescued by any of my girlfriends, (thank you Kate!) excused myself, thanking my dance partner and re-joining the rest of the girls for a “quiet” drink.

All too soon, the evening came to an end and I walked back to with Mandy to her car for a lift back to the hotel.

All the time I had been staying, there had been no one on reception after 11 but this night there was a young girl behind the desk who I bade goodnight to as we walked past. Mandy was changing back in my room and so some 30 minutes later Mandy (now in Bob mode strolled back out past the same girl! on her way to her car.

Assuming CCTV was in use the following sequence of events would have been recorded – my arrival in Bob mode at 3pm, Tina’s arrival in Bob mode at 4-15pm, Emma and Tina’s departure at 6pm, Mandy and Emma’s arrival at 1-45am, Mandy’s departure as Bob at 2-25am, my departure as Emma at 11am (after initially leaving for the shops at 8-30am and returning at 10-45am) Confusing eh!

Due to me being on holiday and my wife being in work, I decided to go shopping in the morning and having contacted my friend in Oxford to make sure she was in, stayed as Emma and drove down to Oxford for the rest of the day, changing back to Bob at tea time for my drive home. Despite it being a school holiday, I managed to survive in a potentially hostile environment without comment including a coffee and pee stop midday at the services on the M1 which were very busy.

Back home I had a pleasant hour with my wife going over my evening out.

Emma xxx

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