Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wardrobe Purge

Yesterday, I spent an enjoyable day over at Teela’s taking the opportunity to dress whilst sorting out my existing wardrobe and having my arms waxed.

Out went all my size 24 jackets and tops including some heavy duty 44D bra’s from my heavier days, my size 20 and 18 skirts and a couple of pairs of shoes and a gorgeous pair of boots which unfortunately I couldn’t wear because I have a high instep.

Finally I got my hands on a foundation that matched completely my skin colouring courtesy of Teela. What a difference it makes!

I dressed in jeans and knee high boots until near the end of the afternoon when I changed into one of my new skirts and blouse to try on a new jacket that Teela had bought for herself and matching shoes. The shoes with 5” heels were too much of a struggle for my poor ankles but the jacket was gorgeous – must have!

A picture of me wearing the new jacket and skirt is in the gallery.

Whilst there I met Louise from the midlands and got on well, hopefully we will meet up and perhaps have a drink. Later Mandy came by and we exchanged plans for the coming weekend.

After getting changed and loading the car once more, I dashed over to Cheshire Oaks with a view to buy the same jacket that Teela had let me try on.

I strode into the shop and found the rack only to my find to my dismay that they did not have one in my size. Undaunted I went to the two young girl assistants at the counter and asked them if they had the jacket in a 20.

Whilst one of the girls went out back to check, the other one asked me if it was for my wife to which I answered no it was for me and I wanted it to go out in this Saturday in Manchester. Well I think it is fair to say she was speechless and didn’t know what to say so I helped her by continuing and telling her I had seen a pair of shoes to match.

On her return, the other girl seemed unfazed by my admission but unfortunately since it was in the sale, the answer was no. Helpfully she suggested we could ring some of the other stores up and down the country. Where was the nearest? Well I suggested Leicestershire and she promptly gave me the list of shops to find one nearest to me as she was not sure where Leicestershire was!

Lo and behold there is a shop where I live! I now have to check if they have one in my size and if so, how to get in and out without being checked out by any of my friends!

On my way home, I finished a great day by meeting up with Tina and his wife in Stockport and had a drink and a bite to eat. As usual, the crack was vicious and I am looking forward to this weekend. Tina, myself and Mandy are sharing accommodation in the Atrium – now that will be an experience – I hope there are enough mirrors!

Roll on the weekend!

Today I attended a job interview over near Birmingham. It went very well and it seems that if I get offered the post, it will involve me visiting Newcastle, Birmingham, Portsmouth and the Wirral and staying over!

Could be interesting!

Fingers crossed.

As Teela goes into hospital on Friday for her ankle operation, I would just like to wish her the best and a speedy recovery

Emma xxx

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