Friday, 27 March 2009

It's In The Stars!

Never thought I was one for horoscopes but I just had to check out the one in the current Sunday Mail. Scorpio – 20th November

“No longer can you pretend that nothing is wrong. No longer can you pretend that everything is progressing smoothly. According to this week’s celestial setup it is unlikely to be progressing at all – especially on the work front, where there seems to be gridlock. It is time for some serious thought, followed by some serious action.”

Well, I still have failed miserably in my attempts to tell my wife about Emma, despite my best endeavours and I am still waiting for my official redundancy notification from work!

In addition to the knickers she found, she came across a small cosmetics pouch in which were my pencils (lip, eyebrow and liner) which she hid away and didn’t say anything to me about. Telling - It’s all about timing!

Other than that our current relationship is more like newly weds and certainly not showing any signs of flagging or breaking up!

We are out with friends tonight at a quiz – the first time we will have been out together for some while. The youngest is staying in with her boyfriend and the eldest is coming home for the weekend now that I have bailed her out re her mobile bill! – again!

Just had a phone call setting me up for a job interview next Wednesday, so fingers crossed, there may be good news on the horizon.

Looking forward to Tuesday daytime over at Teela’s and meeting up for an evening drink with Tina on the way home (both of us in Bob mode)

Emma xxx

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