Thursday, 12 March 2009

Another Wednesday Night In The Village

Having waited for almost 3 weeks for an opportunity for Emma to be out again, it was with eager anticipation as I drove up the M6 to my hotel mid afternoon.

The theme for the evening was a red dress, mine I had picked up off E-bay a few weeks earlier for the princely sum of £7.50. The shoes were a touch dearer – well actually a lot dearer and more than that were too tight being a size 41 not a size 8 as advertised. I was gutted!

For the first time, I finished getting ready whilst in the company of another girl, Mandy, who I was helping out by making my room available to get ready in.

Leaving the hotel together just after 6pm we bumped into a couple of guys coming in who opened the door for us. Across the car park and into my car we then made our way through heavy match traffic to Manchester.

For once, my luck held and I found a parking spot in Minshull Street. On our way to the meet we were accosted in a friendly way by a bloke who wanted a kiss! Oh for swatting up on the book “The Art of Quick Wit and Repartee” – unfortunately, somewhat stunned, a no had to suffice.

Settling down with a drink at Tribeca we met Paula and then were joined by Tina and Nicky – out for the first time with us closely followed by Kate, Mrs Kate and Diane.

The meal this evening was at Via, a venue I had not been before. We wandered through the mixed clientele in the bar to take our place for eating. Kate ended up in a huge throne like chair at the head of the table looking suitably regal in her red sequined dress.

I ordered the Tuna but somehow the order never made it to the kitchen! And so due to the delay ended up eating aftermost of the girls had finished though the staff were good enough not to charge us and paid for my drinks albeit sparkling mineral water!

No visit to Via can be complete without a comment re the dungeons – ladies. When Mrs Kate gave a 1 out of 10, on her return, I got the idea that it might be an experience!

1 toilet roll between 5 stalls, heavy course timber doors with substantial metalwork all added to the overall impression of a dungeon. On the good side, there was plenty of mirror space so no need to elbow anyone out of the way.

Whoever invented the hook and eye fastening on bodies wants shooting. I almost caused myself a serious mischief in rearranging my underwear after my visit. The downside of being a woman was a 10 minute trip to accomplish what as a man would have taken a minute or two! I must re think my underwear for next week and future outings to make it easier / simpler to carry out normal bodily functions!

Renown for my ability to talk the back end off a donkey, I must admit to having met my match with Nicky. Tina is very lucky. Having heard so many good things about Nicky from Tina, I had a great time discussing the a to z of what we do and how family life fits into our ”hobby”. If only my wife knew about Emma! – assuming she would be as accommodating as Nicky and Mrs Kate!

Moving onto The Rembrandt, we joined the Concord girls for the themed red dress night and ended up with a few group piccies of the Northern Angels for posterity and the web site.

I managed to get a few more pictures of me in the Rembrandt – no more having to rely on the Travelodge piccies using a self timer! Before our customary stroll over to Napoleon’s to finish the night.

Nicky continued to be the spirit of the party and was gobsmacked at the variety of customers at our late night venue. Kate had her usual funky strut on the dance floor whist I chatted with the girls. What continues to amaze me is just how normal it feels to be out dressed and chatting about all sorts of wide ranging topics into the early hours.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the party began to disperse with myself and Mandy leaving with Tina, Nicky, Kate, Mrs Kate and Diane somewhere after 1am – early for a change!

Back at the hotel, Mandy changed back and after a coffee departed for home. I decided to continue the evening with a fashion show trying on various combinations and working out what to wear to Teelas next Monday.

By the time I had finished there was no point in trying to get any sleep so I just finished packing and had a quick stroll out to my car dressed in a business suit loading a couple of my cases and my laptop before returning back to Bob mode to clean up.

Not sure what the cleaners would have made of the room, as I had tried on my new sparkly dress and left more sparkles all over the place, that and the empty pack of tights in the bin and the cards from some new jewellery I purchased for the evening. In the past I would have thoroughly disposed of all evidence, now I am a little more laid back. I have paid for the room!

Typing this some 12 hours later, I am pretty knackered and after training with my under 16s shortly, intend to have an early night! – yes I know – I definitely need my beauty sleep!

Until Monday!

Emma xxx


  1. Sounds like a fun evening, except for the dodgy loos.

  2. Hi Emma,
    nice to meet you again last night ,i will email that group photo to you i promise

  3. What a night it was Emma! - You looked fantastic as a lady in red. Enjoy your day with Teela and dont forget your shorthand notebook!
    Love from Mrs K x