Friday, 20 March 2009

It’s Work Jim But Not As We Know It!

After a pleasant evening taking tea at Teela’s with some of my girlfriends, the following day I embarked on another first as Emma, a day working in skirts!

Teela who runs Trans-Pose on the Wirral offers the chance for girls to spend the day dressed and working as her secretary, answering the phones, making coffee and other work loosely classed as secretarial.

Having set the alarm for 6am, I awoke after a very restful night’s sleep cocooned in my nighty and got up, had a coffee and brushed my hair out.

Ablutions completed, I proceeded to get dressed as I was leaving the hotel and driving across to Teela’s dressed. As I had quite a bit of baggage to get to my car, I dressed casually in a pair of tight jeans over my hold ups and a new red top over bra and corset. I wore my new control knickers from M&S and was surprised as to how comfy they were considering they were a thong. On my feet I pulled on my knee high boots in which I tucked my jeans. It is this look I have always admired on women and I was very pleased with my appearance.

After a close shave, I applied my make up – again understated for daytime though I did plough on the mascara, finishing off with a soft pink shade of lipstick once more from my collection of Chanel.

Once dressed and presentable, I proceeded to put together my outfit for my day at Teela’s and then re packed my bags.

One at a time as filled, I walked out to my car and loaded the bag in. It took me 5 trips to and fro through reception before I was ready, having left a travel bag with my business suit, shoes etc in till last.

I then popped back to reception and bade the girl goodbye popping my key into the slot in the desk.

I arrived safely through the rush hour traffic at Teela’s and after an initial cuppa, sat down for Teela to give me a makeover. Firstly my own application was removed and then using her own brand of cosmetics established a proper colour match for my complexion.

What a difference the correct colour of foundation makes. I will be purchasing my own next week when I return, I was so impressed.

Having completed the rest of my face, I then changed into my suit for the day including heels and started my first day of work as Emma.

It is fair to say that Teela was not so demanding of me but I still managed to complete a task on the computer and answer the odd telephone call whilst up and down the stairs keeping us both refreshed with tea and coffee.

It is difficult to describe the sense of well being whilst sitting there in a tight pencil skirt and jacket with nylon clad legs crossed. It felt so right.

Lunch was provided and later in the day, Barbara arrived for a makeover and to get dressed.

I fell in love with one of the wigs on display and when I checked the name to ascertain the price I found out that it was an Emma! – well obviously fate took a hand and I parted with my hard earned sheckles.

Far too soon it was time to put Emma back in her bag and so reluctantly I changed back into Bob ensuring no trace of the day remained. (unfortunately this was found not to be the case – see earlier blog!)

Driving home I could only reflect on a wonderful day and experience and start to make plans to repeat it in the near future.

I certainly can recommend the day as Teela’s secretary.

Emma xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day Emma.
    Hope everything is ok from what happened in the earlier post.

  2. Brings back memories - so glad you had a good time Emma and everything sorts itself out at home.