Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another Week Another Dollar

With Bob 100% in charge, the weekend has been pretty hectic.

Friday evening I managed to get my PC working again – the previous evening I had wasted 3 hours getting nowhere with my internet connection.

In rugby my team (4ths) was ambushed by our opposition in the league, putting out a 1st team against us including the Middlesex county scrum half up visiting! It didn’t help that I had to let our 3rds have 8 players for their league game including most of my back division. I ended up having to play scrum half (normally no 8) with two of my flankers out in the backs.

Needless to say we were well and truly beaten although we still managed 3 tries – all from the forwards. I guess they didn’t like us beating them by 30 points+ in the earlier encounter at home. With two games to play against the two teams currently above us in the table, it is still possible to win the league at our 1st attempt but it will not be easy.

I had thought that with a few drinks inside me that I may have broached the topic of my knickers which my wife found, but the opportunity never happened.

I trained my under 16s this morning and then sped South to watch my youngest daughter play for her under 18s side in a league game, which they won by over 40 points!

Back home, we dropped my middle daughter off at the train station (she was back for mother’s day) and then raided KFC for dinner.

I am still working out how to tell my wife about Emma, probably it will happen tonight in bed. I am becoming increasingly concerned that my youngest knows something either from my indiscretions or from my eldest daughter. Twice now she has made some obtuse comment when Shania Twain‘s Feel Like A Woman has been played in the car – such as referring to it as my song!

If this is the case then it is more and more important that my wife is told and the sooner the better!

The coming week brings me the chance to pick up my recent purchases from my friend’s house in Oxford, including three new skirts, (one leather), two jackets, some make up, another pair of shoes and three blouses.

I have also tentatively arranged to take a day off work and travel up to Teela’s again with all my clothes and bags and to spend the day sorting everything out including separating all my earlier clothes that are too large for me now. I was going to take advantage of the visit to have my arms waxed and dressed, take another trip around Cheshire Oaks.

I had originally hoped that I may make it the Wednesday and so join my friends in the village, but logistically this has proved to be impossible:-
1. Nowhere to get changed afterwards
2. A car full of suitcases etc left parked in Manchester – not sure it’s a good idea!

No problem as the 4th April will soon be here and I am looking forward to the whole day and the following morning being Emma and attending the dancing evening with the other girls. I am booked into The Atrium and sharing the apartment with Tina.

At the time I booked, I couldn’t understand why there were no vacancies in the hotels in Manchester for that weekend – I was lucky enough to get what I did. I now understand from my wife that it is the day of The Grand National at Aintree! This may have something to do with it perhaps!

I am currently waiting for a reply from Vollers re my corset (less than 4 months old) which has the bottom of the metal busk protruding from the material – this shouldn’t happen. At the same time I am looking into having an overbust corset made to measure with 28” waist to give me a better overall shape.

Currently the top of the underbust corset sits just under my fairly prominent sternum and is visible under a lot of outer clothing that I have been wearing without wearing some heavy duty body over the corset to smooth the silhouette.

Finally, I have still not received official notice of my impending redundancy so work goes on. I wonder what the week will bring? – watch this space.

Emma xxx

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