Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Well and Truly Plucked!

Who needs to pay someone to have pain and torture inflicted on them! Well I guess I fall into that group now as my body recovers from 3 hours of waxing last night at my good friend Rebecca’s.

I would like to say it didn’t hurt but in places it certainly did. Perhaps a few whiskies beforehand would have helped but when you have to drive home 80+ miles afterwards – not a good idea.

I had my front and back and legs waxed last night and would have had my arms done as well but we ran out of time and so I resorted to shaving on my return home.

I am now as hairless as I was just before puberty hit me quite a long time ago – well a very long time ago then! The feeling on my legs however as my trousers rub against them is quite novel and hopefully wearing tights later today or even stockings (not yet decided) will be mind blowing.

Now to the subterfuge. How, I hear you ask, did I get this past my wife!

Hand in hand with Emma achieving a lifelong goal, Comic Relief will be the better by £500. In my profession, I have often been accusing of causing grief and pain when resolving payment issues with my Company’s clients and Contractors, well I offered them the chance to get their own back at £50 a shout me having been “coerced” into being waxed all over!

I am still receiving pledges but should easily achieve the £500. I will admit to having it done on Friday so as to give everyone time to get their pledge in. A simple but effective solution arrived at by thinking outside the box!

As to how I explain the follow up waxing in 4 – 6 weeks time, could be a little trickier!

Enough for now, just to say am really looking forward to meeting up with my friends in the village again tonight and wearing my new red dress and wig. Nothing like mutton dressed as lamb eh! – still to decide what underwear yet!

Love Emma xxx

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