Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tea at Teela's and The Cheshire Oaks

I thought Monday would never arrive after a hectic weekend. I took a half day off work and managed to get to my normal hotel for 3pm, checking in I quickly unloaded my car and took up occupancy of my room close to reception. This was especially important due to having 3 suitcases, a shoulder bag, laptop, carryall with Bob’s clothes in etc and a banker’s box!

As you can see, Emma doesn’t travel light!

Having shaved that morning, I stripped off and applied moisturiser to the face and let it soak into the slight stubble which was now evident, whilst stepping into my underwear. I had stopped on the way to pick up some gloss finished natural stockings from Tesco’s and was pleasantly surprised that now my legs were shaved, the hold ups did indeed grip well and the medium/large size fit perfectly.

A close shave against the grain with a new four bladed razor left me a little bloodied. More moisturiser applied and then finished getting dressed. My intention was to get across to the Wirral as early as possible and spend some time wandering the retail outlets at Cheshire Oaks before making my way to Teela’s for tea.

I was still unsure about what size forms to use as when I look back at some of the pictures of previous nights, even using a size 5 which I now have downsized to, I still think I look a little too big! So, I decided to stick with my stick ons (Scuse the pun!) and a white gel bra making use of my own spare flesh.

My corset tightened off to the maximum 30” gave me the waist and shape I was looking for over which I wore my Spanx control slip.

My outfit comprised a new black and white silky pencil skirt, white blouse and black blazer and this week I managed to wear my new heels from Dune (black patent 4” heels in a crocodile effect).

I then applied my make up – kryolen beard cover dabbed on over the shadow area (the close shave using the moisturiser had reduced the shadow to a bare minimum) followed by my L’Oreal long lasting foundation. For my eyes, I used a brown palette and finished with just a smudge of eyeliner and my Max Factor false lashes effect mascara which I must say I have found to be so easy to use and so effective.

Revlon blusher and a touch of translucent powder finished my face and I lined my lips and applied a glossy red lipstick by Chanel – currently my favourite brand.

Finally on with the wig, glued on nails pre polished in a bright red shade, jewellery and a squirt of Hugo Boss perfume, jacket on, contents of handbag checked, money and cards transferred, telephone and room key safely zipped away in the bag, I stepped out of the room and made my way out past reception, smiling at the girl who was busy booking another guest in.

The feel of the cool air on my hairless legs encased in the stockings was exquisite and brought a smile to my face as I strutted across to my car with my bag slung on my shoulder. This is what it’s all about I thought.

Sliding into my car seat, I plugged in the sat nav co-ordinates and looking up noticed a business man had been watching me from an adjacent car. In the past this would have caused me so much discomfort but now I just looked him straight between the eyes and smiled.

Easing my way out of the car park I joined the M56 and made my way over to Cheshire Oaks – the famous hunting grounds of Lisa.

Arriving opposite the M&S outlets some 30 minutes later, I made the store my first port of call. Walking over to the shop from the car I realised that the shoes and skirt combination made it easy for me to walk in an appropriate manner, the tightness of the skirt reminding me if I tried to increase my stride.

Sauntering around the shop, I didn’t seem to attract any adverse attention despite the presence of a number of children being dragged around by their mothers.

I finally settled on a lovely golden blouse and cami combination size 20 and a pair of M&S control knickers size 14. On paying I used my switch card and having confirmed that I did indeed require a bag to put my knickers in, moved on and outside to check out some more of the shops.

Strolling along amongst other shoppers, I felt on such a high. In and out of the various fashion shops I dutifully trotted including Kurt Geigers shoe shop. I even tried on a pair of their shoes but as money is tight, I will have to come back another day.

Finally, I decided to finish my shopping experience by having a coffee at Starbucks.

Ordering an Americano, I sat down looking out onto the world passing by, legs crossed, skirt tucked under me savouring the experience – 6 months ago this act would have been only a figment of my imagination.

How far I have come since joining the Angels and meeting up with my new girlfriends.

Back in the car, purchases and handbag on the front seat, I punched in Teela’s co-ordinates (2.5miles away!) and on arriving, bumped into Tina as she had just parked.

Welcomed by Teela, we joined the other girls, including some of our normal crowd from the Northern Angels, Kate, Diane, Mandy, Elaine.

I spent a very pleasant evening in wonderful company totally chilled out chatting about everything – even music and the 70’s group Camel!

As usual with a bunch of girls together, the cameras came out and we ended up with a number of new piccies for the various collections and web sites. What is it about trannies and photos!

Finally, the night came to an end and reluctantly the girls made their exits, for me this was not quite the end as I was coming back in the morning to spend the day working as a secretary for Teela.

Back at the hotel, I removed my make up and moisturised, clothes off and corset removed, I put on my pink nylon nighty and climbed into bed for a good nights sleep setting the alarm for 6 in the morning.

Emma xxx

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