Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Dust Settles

Well, it didn’t take long for my wife to work out something was wrong and under interrogation I lasted less than 36 hours.

In a teary session last Saturday night and after a few beers after the rugby, I had to come clean about me probably losing my job. My wife was over the moon as she thought I had some form of illness that I wasn’t telling her about and then that I might be having an affair! So on a scale of 1 to 10, losing my job was quite low down on her list of problems!

I was so close to telling her about Emma at the same time but thought that that may be too much and let the opportunity slip by.

On the job front, I am focused more clearly now and have been more productive this last week than for a while – strange isn’t it!

I have had a few calls from agents offering me jobs up and down the country but as of yet nothing concrete. I must admit that now the dust has settled, I am fairly calm about the job front. I know I have a particularly strong CV and academic and work experience cant be faulted, the only problem being the level of remuneration needed by myself to maintain my current level of commitments. – I still need Red Cross Parcels sending here on a monthly basis!

In the meantime, Emma has been busy, driving down to London on Monday afternoon to pick up a friend after day surgery at Charing Cross Hospital and bringing her home to Oxford. Picked up a number of my e-bay purchases from her house at the same time including a lovely sparkly dress and two new party tops and a couple of Chanel lipsticks. I must admit to having fallen in love with Chanel lipsticks due to their texture, colour, coverage and ease of application, although not cheap!

Tuesday evening I met up with one of my girl friends both of us in Bob mode in Leicester for a few beers. Very surreal experience but reinforces the feeling of friendship shared when out together previously “en femme”

Back at the empty house (wife was out with my youngest daughter at training) I quickly tried on my new purchases and learned about the problem with glitter dresses. I left glitter over everywhere - underwear, wooden floor of bedroom, bedspread, rugby kit, squash kit, rug in front of toilet etc!!

Even now, 5 days later I can still see signs of the glitter!

Wednesday, I had to shoot back to Oxford to sort out a recorded delivery parcel which was waiting for Emma Walkey at the post office!

I use a girlfriend’s address in Oxford to send my E-bay purchases for Emma to – far simpler than strange shaped parcels arriving at my house.

The problem however is proof of ID! I had the red card stating that they had tried to deliver a record delivery parcel but no one was in. So off to the PO with no id to support my contention that I was indeed Emma! – Luckily, the woman behind the counter was less demanding than normal and I was able to pick up the dress without having to demonstrate my entitlement apart from possession of the red card!

A few more packages had been delivered to my friend’s and so I picked them up too. I have bought a new longer wig which looks great and on Wednesday will be worn – I just hope it suits me.

On Thursday, whilst feeling down, I decided to book into a hotel for the 16th to allow me to take tea at Teela’s over on the Wirral and to meet up with some of the other girls. I then pushed the boat out further by arranging to spend the following day dressed as Teela’s secretary.

A day in a skirt suit and heels really appeals to me as it is a look that I have always loved. It means I will be leaving the hotel on the Tuesday dressed in a business suit, skirt, blouse and jacket with appropriate heels and drive over to Teelas for the day. The only problem I see is that as there is no shower facilities yet at Teelas, I will have to be very careful when changing back to Bob mode that there is nothing left of Emma including the odd long hair, smell of perfume or remnants of eyeliner etc – hope the marks from my underwear (corset and bra straps) recede quickly!

That’s all for now as I have to get ready for our league game of rugby this afternoon.

Looking forward tremendously to meeting up with my friends again out in Manchester this coming Wednesday.

Emma xxx

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  1. Good Luck on the job front Emma. Keep that communication going with your wife - otherwise she will jump to the wrong conclusions!
    See you soon x