Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Villagio's on a Wednesday

Once more heading up the motorway with my wife’s blessing for our monthly Wednesday meal out in the village and now officially unemployed.

Having spent the earlier part of the day working out what I was going to wear and packing accordingly, it was a streamlined Emma heading to Manchester – one suitcase and a shoulder bag as opposed to 2-3 cases, a box and two bags which I used to take.

Tina was wanting me to go out in my glittery short dress but I had already chosen to wear my new mid blue dress from BHS together with my peep toes Kurt Geiger pumps and my new white and pale blue pin striped jacket from M&S and new evening bag from Fiorelli to complete the ensemble.

I was dressed and ready by the time Mandy turned up followed by Tina who were both making use of my room in the Travelodge at Lymm. This time Mandy checked in her car to avoid the excess parking charge of £60 she incurred the last time she left her car outside.

Once Mandy was ready we spent the next 2 hours watching Tina finish her preparations! Well, not quite 2 hours!

Once ready, off we went leaving the room en masse dressed for the ball with Tina only just wearing a dress! I am not saying it was short but!
I drove into Manchester with Mandy whilst Tina went separately as she would be going straight home afterwards whilst Mandy had to go back to my room to change.

We parked at the top of Canal street once more and paid the £3.50 for after 6pm. We had tried for on the street parking but once more it seemed pretty busy with no spaces available.

Walking down to Tribeca we met up inside with Tina and had scarcely sat down with our drinks when Emma joined us wearing what could loosely be described as a denim belt, and what nice legs she has too!

The final girls of the group joined us; Kate resplendid as usual this time in her black pvc look leggings with a short dress / top and new girl Marlene.

Once assembled, we then made our way up Canal Street to Villagio’s where outside the entrance, Emma became the subject of some unwanted attention from a short scruffy murmuring individual who made a beeline for her. Kate and I intercepted him, myself preparing for the worst, but it was a non event and we all gained entrance up the steps into Villagio’s without any drama.

The meal was lovely and the service second to none albeit the place was very quiet. During the meal Tina’s Nicky joined us and I didn’t get a word in edgeways thereafter!! – no joking really, Nicky as usual was bubbling over and a great addition to the party. What was good about the reduced numbers was the ability to have a chat with everyone rather than separate groups.

Having completed the obligatory touch up in the ladies, we all made our way up to Manchester Concord at the Rembrandt for an hour before carrying on to Napoleons.

The place was full of the usual suspects and we all “enjoyed” a dance or two upstairs although once again I was hard pressed to recognise any of the songs played in the early part of the evening (midnight – 2am)

Retiring downstairs, we finished the evening having a “quiet” chat and taking a few piccies although once again Emma attracted unwanted attention.

Leaving Napoleon’s I made a big mistake, I chose not to make use of the toilets and so arriving back at the car was faced with an unfortunate dilemma – what to do now that my bladder was letting me know it was there!

What can a girl do but – well I’ll leave it to your imagination, suffice to say it’s not something I would recommend at 2 in the morning. All through this Mandy nonchalantly sat locked in the car looking straight ahead!

Regaining the car, a guy who had been in the vicinity of the car park came over and I carefully opened the window a few inches to answer his question as to where there was a party! On his way, I explained to Mandy that all I was thinking of was how much I could hurt him if he tried to reach into the car!

Back at the room, Mandy got changed and went on her way. I decided to stay in mood, removed my make up and undressed and climbed into bed in my nighty for a few hours sleep.

Waking up under no pressure as to timing, I had a leisurely bath and fresh shave, got dressed again this time to go shopping for the day. Make up was understated. I carefully packed my case and left Bob’s clothes and wipes etc in my shoulder bag for easy retrieval later in the day at Teela’s.

I wore my new full grey denim skirt, red top and red shoes with glossy tan tights and my white jacket and black bag – see picture.

At 9, I well and truly checked out as Emma as I handed my room key directly to one of the girls at reception. I guess that there are no doubts now as to what I do when staying at Lymm!

First stop was M&S at Gemini park Warrington where I picked up a tight stretchy denim pencil skirt (tight is not the word! see later post) and after a coffee realised that my current lipstick was not really right and so nipped into Boots where I picked up a new lipstick from Revlon, a replacement translucent powder from Max Factor and a small hair brush for my handbag. Changing my lipstick in the car I then drove over to Cheshire Oaks.

I spent the next 5 hours exploring the shops at the Oaks and treated myself to a new short skirt and pink top from M&S, and some black strappy wedges from Next – a bargain at £10.

For lunch, I ate at the brasserie and had the lamb shank followed by treacle tart. The food and service was excellent though not cheap and I was treated as usual with respect and courtesy from the staff.

One embarrassing moment came whilst visiting the ladies in the food hall. I carried out my business and on leaving the cubicle to wash my hands felt the back of my leg was wet. Looking down in horror I noticed that I had managed to catch part of my skirt when I flushed the toilet and so surreptitiously I rung the wet part of my skirt out and then continued to the washbasins.

At 3pm, I made my way to Teela’s who had just finished one of her photo sessions with a client and after a chat over coffee, got changed back into Bob.

Back on the road for 5pm, I made the 93 miles home for 6-30pm despite the traffic.

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  1. Glad to hear you've invested in a smaller hairbrush. I was thinking of lending you my trailer for the previous one!