Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What no chicken!

On the way home from an extraordinary weekend with my wife, we decided that as time was getting on that we would forgo cooking anything when we got home but would treat ourselves to a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket as our youngest was at home waiting for us.

Arriving back in town we went straight to the KFC and joined a small queue. After 20 minutes we got to the front and put our order in.

"Sorry we don't have any chicken left"

I asked when would the next batch be ready

"Sorry we don't have any chicken left"

You mean you don't have any chicken cooked or uncooked at all!!!

"Well we can do you a few pieces of boneless and some wings"

Fraid not, thanks for telling us when we first arrived that you didn't have any chicken left and promptly stomped out.

Plan B - a pizza!

Reminds me of the Monty Pythan cheese shop sketch!

Emma xxx

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